Can You Bring a Backpack into Madison Square Garden?

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The beauty and the architectural details of the Madison Square has, over the years, continued to attract thousands of visitors. With a rich history going back to the early 1900s, this Arena has been home to some incredible games. Located in the middle of Manhattan, the Madison Square Garden has a seating capacity of 19,830 for basketball events. Good old-fashioned hockey can accommodate 18,024 people, while theatre magic hosts a comfortable number of about 5600 people.

However, as you might want to know the tips and tricks for an event hosted in this place, the question in everyone’s mind is can you bring a backpack into Madison Square Garden?

What they say

Technically, the answer to it is yes, but before you rush and pack a camping bag to head to Madison square garden suite, you need to know there are rules to be followed. A public announcement by the management of Madison square garden states “All guests are advised to arrive at the arena early and to travel light. Unnecessary items will not be condoned at the MSG, and a thorough search will be subjected to the use of metal detectors with the aid of other devices to all persons before accessing the Madison Square Garden”

Can any bag do?

Though they don’t state in certain terms that it would be wise to leave your bags at home, traveling light might mean just that. Any bag that you might travel with to the arena must fit under your seat comfortably. As irritating as this may sound, there is a valid reason behind it. Ideally, humans are notorious in wanting to be as comfortable as possible. Using the same base reason for banning oversized banners that block and annoy attendees, bringing a bigger bag than can fit under your seat means you will place on someone else seat which is simply unethical.

Why so strict

If you’re still maddened by this fact, you need to remember that we live in dangerous times and as much as your agenda is to enjoy your event, someone else’s is to wreak havoc. To keep the chances of someone sneaking off with something dangerous in the arena certain items are prohibited. These barred items include weapons of any kind including pepper spray and licensed guns, banner sticks, food and beverages from outside, bottles, drugs, cans, video cameras, tripod stand, and alcohol. Audio recordings, SLR recordings, zoom cameras and cameras with any flash are also banned. Remember as much as selfies are still an in-thing, selfie sticks are not allowed in the Madison square garden.


If you are the type of person that cannot keep their excitement down and want to get the show on as soon as you can, then it’s probably wise to leave your bag at home. Without a bag, you are awarded the privilege of using the express line to access the arena. For those with bags, you get to have a little bit more attention showered onto you as your bag undergoes a thorough check-up; airport style in which every nook and cranny is searched. As the arena does not provide any lockers, the management is also not responsible for anything that goes missing.



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