Caring For Your Dentures

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We all know the importance of caring for our teeth and brushing at least twice a day. However, it is a commonly misheld belief that if one has dentures, then they never have to brush their teeth again.

Despite the acrylic resin used in the creation of false teeth, the important thing to remember is that our mouths are assaulted with bacteria, food particles, acidic drinks and all other types of contaminants throughout the day, which can damage our dentures just as much as the enamel on our natural teeth. Certain substances such as tea and coffee can cause staining if left unchecked, and bacterial built-up can be an upsetting cause of bad breath should food particles remain stuck in our teeth.

When wearing dentures it is important to remember to remove them at least once a day. Rinsing and brushing dentures will help to remove trapped food and maintain the teeth. Not only is it important to soak dentures overnight in a solution to kill the lingering bacteria, but it also allows your gums to breath, preventing soreness and discomfort. Soaking dentures not only prevents tartar and bacteria build up but for many dentures, it is imperative to keep them moist so they retain their shape. Denture wearers should also take this opportunity at least once every day to clean their mouths out, even if they do not have any remaining natural teeth. After all food and bacteria do not just linger on our dentures but on our tongues and gums too.

Depending on whether you have a full set of dentures, partial or a bridge, will depend on how the dentures fit into your mouth. However for all false teeth and implant replacements, regular checkups are a key essential in your oral health.

A denturist will help to maintain your dentures with re-alignment, repairs and ensuring they fit comfortably yet snugly to the gum line. A relining must take place at least once a year to maintain a healthy, plush fit.

It is important, when wearing dentures to have them regularly checked, not just to ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing but that they are providing the correct facial support also. During a check up a denturist will check your teeth, dentures, mouth and facial structure for our overall optimal health.

Along with maintaining the dentures fit, a denturist can also repair any cracks or chips in the false teeth. Being made from resin, dentures are somewhat more fragile then natural teeth, and can be equally prone to natural wear, especially in cases of teeth grinding. As a result a denturist will need to measure you for a new set of pearly whites every few years so that your teeth and bite are always at their best.

Taking care of your smile can have a great benefit not only to your physical health, overall appeal but also to your self confidence. Consult a denturist for further information about regular denture care and good oral practices.

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