Engagement Ring that Women Wants to Receive Based on Her Zodiac Sign

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Looking for the perfect engagement ring is a lot of work. You’d think that it’s an easy task: go to the nearest jewelry store, look for the shiniest diamond, and check out with the perfect ring to propose with. The reality is, it’s more tedious than that. You have to determine your budget, know the right stone and cut that fits this budget, and take your would-be fiancee’s taste into consideration.

How do you know if the engagement ring you chose is the one that would make her say yes? Good thing you can turn to astrology for advice and inspiration! Make the task a lot less overwhelming by factoring in the signature traits, love compatibility, and style preferences of your partner.


Aries is passionate and confident. Aries dives hastily at any and even the most demanding circumstances. Because of their strong-willed character, you’d want to examine a ring that your fiancée will be comfortable wearing. A ring that has a medium-sized rock and a simple metal band will delight and surprise her. Look for something bold, like ruby, for it fittingly represents the boldness and confidence of your Aries partner.


Personified as the bull, Taurus is dependable and committed when it comes to relationships. Because of this, a devoted Taurus deserves a rock-solid gem. Look for one with their birthstone, the emerald. The light yet bright hue of the rhinestone beautifully represents the steadfastness your fiancée embodies.


Since Geminis are typically trend-setters, you’d want to consider oval rings—an engagement ring style that’s picking up a large following this year. Your Gemini lover would appreciate something more stylish and representative of their ‘twins’ symbol, so looking for engagement rings that have two different types of jewels or two different types of metal bands is a must. Explore precious stones such as pastel-colored sapphires that mirrors your partner’s chic personality, too!


Cancer-born individuals are classic. If you find your partner’s strong belief in long-lasting love, that’s because Cancers are natural lovers. Traditional diamond rings set in silver, white gold, or platinum are good engagement ring choices you can consider since it exquisitely represents their refined personality.


A fire sign that rules the celestial jungle, Leos take pride in their royal status. They do know how to strut the red carpet and make an entrance. Choose jewels that reflect your woman’s bright and glowing energy like gold or yellow diamond ring. This ring would surely turn heads, and your soon-to-be fiancee will love that attention.


Virgos are practical, but they don’t hide their inclination for material things. Since Virgos are essentially perfectionists, look for rings that are effortlessly beautiful. A single-stoned rounded ring is a clean design for your Virgo lover. They have a high standard due to their critical character, which is why going traditional is less likely to disappoint.


Libra is a zodiac sign that’s represented by the scales. Naturally, they’re fascinated with seeking balance. Hunt for a precious diamond set in a delicately interlaced metal band of sparkling stones. This design  represents harmony and equilibrium, which your fiancée will find charming and special.


Scorpio individuals have extreme personalities. They are often misunderstood for their emotional being and usually lean towards bold and dark colors like red and black. You’d want to check on jewels like ruby and black diamond which represents their passionate and dynamic nature.


Sagittarians are always up for adventures and aren’t abhorrent to change. Their style is off-the-wall and they don’t try to keep up with the latest trends. Their quirky and extraordinary personality is what makes your Sagittarius woman special. Something that isn’t big but flashes her uniqueness can make her easily fall in love with your choice of ring.


Known to be ambitious yet down to earth, you wouldn’t have a hard time looking for a piece that compliments your Capricorn lover. Your fiancée’s finesse is out of this world; she dresses up polished for every occasion and has a sophisticated eye. A ring that shows admirable craftsmanship is something they’ll swoon over for days, or even years on end.


Turquoise is Aquarians’ most favored color. Naturally, you’d look for rings that embrace that color, but you want your woman to glow even in different hues. Opt for sparkling blue sapphires that resemble the sea, a classic turquoise rock, or a ring with two different gems to represent her cool personality.


Pisces are selfless lovers. Since their sign is that of a fish, choosing a gem that mimics the ocean like sapphire, sea green, or aquamarine can surely get your Pisces woman lost in the flashy ring.

Pick an engagement ring that feels right. Take your time in searching for “the one” even if it means going back and forth between a few designs. More than the desire to get an enthusiastic “Yes!” from your partner, getting engaged is a significant step in the relationship that makes way for a new chapter in your lives. Plus, this ring will likely be passed on from your generation to the next, so you want a timeless piece.


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