Essentials for a Luxury Vacation in Vietnam

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Vietnam is a gorgeous country, a completely different culture that you simply must immerse yourself in at least once in your lifetime. This country will leave you absolutely amazed and in awe, all due to its unfathomable natural beauty and the amalgamation of the old days and preserved traditions and modern and luxurious vacation spots. The landscapes such as the Red River Delta in the north as well as the Mekong Delta all the way in the south, unspoiled beaches, luscious forests – the sublime beauty will literally leave you speechless. Now, if you plan on staying a tad longer, you’ll be able to visit a great portion of the country, but even if you’re there for a short stay, you will gather enough beauty to enrich your soul with memories that will last a lifetime. Having said that, in order to have truly luxurious and frill-free stay, here is what you need to know.

Do your homework

When it comes to requirements to enter Vietnam, they vary from country to country. Therefore, your first task is to pay a visit to the Vietnamese embassy or consulate and see which documents and requirements you need to fill in order to be granted entry into the country. The rest is fairly straightforward. A passport that’s valid for at least six more months, usually a visa, and you’re ready to fly.

A luxurious flight

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Whether you’re traveling first class, business or economy, your journey to Vietnam can be luxurious if you have all the essentials in your carryon. Don’t wear any makeup, as the air in the cabin will suck the life out of your skin. Instead, arm yourself with a great skincare routine before the flight and don’t stop there. Get your hydrating sheet mask, a travel-size face mist, a tiny toothpaste and brush as well as a hydrating lip balm. Create your own luxurious feel by wearing stylish culottes and a cotton tee with a cool embroidered jacket, bring your music along and, of course, your lavender-scented sleeping mask.

Best time to visit

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When planning a trip to the land of the ascending dragon, there isn’t the right or wrong time to visit, because apparently, the country has three different weather systems. Overall, the temperatures range from 17 to 30 degrees Celsius, and temperatures can vary greatly in a single day. It seems that the best place to visit is Central Vietnam, as the temperatures can go up to thirty degrees, and what awaits you there are the gorgeous and urban towns such as Hoi An, Danang, Hue, Dalat, Quy Nhon and Nha Trang, all surrounded by amazing mountains and breathtaking landscapes, so you get the best of Vietnam.  Apparently, Dalat has been one of the most coveted tourist destinations ever since the French colonial times, and people even refer to it as ‘Le Petit Paris’, and you have the option to rent a motorbike in Dalat and experience the joy of adventurous and carefree visits to the town’s surroundings, and even visit nearby towns. However, the rest of the towns have their charms as well, so you won’t make a mistake wherever you go.


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Since temperatures and levels of humidity vary, make sure your suitcase contains a bit of everything. From sundresses and flat sandals, sunglasses, bikinis and hats, to sweaters, pants and even raincoats. Don’t over pack, as this is a fairly relaxed country. You can pack something fancy if you plan on having a night at the club or a romantic date night, but otherwise, keep it earth-toned, practical and simple.

A luxurious stay

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As you wish to live in the lap of luxury, you may want to book your stay in one of the most highly praised luxurious resorts in Vietnam. There’s the incredible Dalat Palace Heritage Hotel, Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi, the ultra-luxurious beach-front pool villa resort Banyan Tree Lang Co, the extravagant The Reverie Saigon. Whichever of these luxurious hotels and villas you choose, you will get nothing but superb service, that includes pools, quick access to the sublime beaches, spa treatments that will make you feel transcendent, and incredible cuisine which represents a fusion of French-colonial influences and local staples – the song for your palate.

What to see

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This land is co culturally rich and the infusion of modern day and nightlife doesn’t leave anything to be desired – aside from time. So, if you’re looking for a completely urban stay with an incredible nightlife, your destination will be Saigon. Incredible classic French architecture, superb wining and dining, rooftop bars – all a sophisticated urbanite could desire. However, if you’re in search of tranquility, you will escape to the outskirts of such towns as Hanoi, which boasts lush parks, incredible mountains, traditional villages, and of course, the iconic Ha Long Bay. If you’re here for the Vietnamese nightlife, Dalat is the city for you. In the basement of Muong Thanh Dalat Hotel, you can enjoy the old-time decadence of fancy cocktails and live blues, reggae and rock&roll, all in a 1970s-inspired ambiance. Finally, those who are here to have a taste of spirituality will simply have to visit at least some of the ten most important temples in Vietnam, and get a true sense of the culture, the tradition, religion, and perhaps even experience a spiritual awakening.

Going to Vietnam is easy, it’s the leaving it part that’s difficult. So much beauty, such rich culture, the serenity, the luxury, the modernity, all wrapped into one. It truly will be a journey of a lifetime, so if you haven’t already, put it on your bucket list.


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