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Every Shoe a Woman Needs to Have in Her Closet

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Shoes are a necessary part to any wardrobe. They protect your feet, keep them warm, and nowadays they can bring any look together. The only issue with shoes is how easily accessible they are. Today you can new, trendy footwear for very little money, only to wear through them before the season is over. You need to invest in your shoes to get the most out of them, and to enhance your wardrobe ensure that it has these five styles:

The Kitten Heel

The kitten heel, or any other low-heel equivalent, is a must for any fashionistas closet. Unlike the high heel or stiletto, low heels can be easily worn for hours. The thicker the heel, the longer you can wear it with complete comfort. Black is a great choice for this shoe, as it adds an elegant, timeless touch to any outfit you wear.

The Staple Fashion Flat

Like the kitten heel, black flats can elevate any outfit and make it timeless and gorgeous. If you want something more unique, try to choose a flat that has more geometric elements. A D’Orsay flat or pump can be a great way to add more flair to the traditional flat. While black flats can go with everything, don’t be afraid of color. Having a patent red leather flat can add that extra pop of color to bring interest to an otherwise minimal outfit. Pair with a nice red lip or a statement purse and your outfit will be runway ready.

The Comfortable Bootie

Black, tan, brown, or any color in-between, the comfortable bootie is a must for any woman. Add a heel or don’t, the appeal of this shoe is in its timelessness and practical design. For those who are looking for more sustainable or vegan options, try to find a shoe made of a new, innovative leather.

Calf-High or Thigh High Shoes

Boots or heels, the calf-high or thigh-high shoe, is a great staple to add to your wardrobe. Boots, in particular, can help give you the support and comfort you need to enjoy the cooler fall and winter air to their fullest. Get these wide calf over the knee boots, and you can enjoy the same comfort and be able to wear them with thick socks to keep you warm and secure even in the snow.

A Reliable Sneaker

Sneakers are not just for running and exercise. They can dress down an outfit while still helping you stay stylish. Wear a nice dress with a jean jacket and sneakers, and you can rock your occasion wear on a regular afternoon. Not only can they be a staple to your wardrobe, but they are also necessary for travel. If you want to explore, then you need the stylish sneaker to do it.

Shoes need to fit perfectly, support your lifestyle, and most importantly be made to last. The more you invest in these shoes, the more you can get out of them. When they start to wear down, take them to be repaired. Treat them like they investment pieces they should be, and you can enjoy more comfort and style every time you head out.

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