Five Ways You Can Dress Well While Traveling Light:

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Whether it’s a road trip to the countryside or a flight to a beautiful tropical country, you wouldn’t want to haul a ton of luggage, would you?  Shop travel conscious loafers at MyLoafers including driving shoes moccasins and mules.

However, if you plan your travel outfit and the essential luggage pieces carefully, you can be comfortable without having to spend plenty of money.

If you’re traveling to the countryside, you may want to pack your best boots for hunting, comfy trekking clothes and bug repellants; if you’re going to a tropical destination, then make sure you pack cotton clothes, sunscreen, and your favorite swimsuit. Whatever the goal, make sure you pack accordingly.

Listed below are the top suggestions on how you can travel light and dress well:

Pack clothes in coordinating colors:

When you have decided your destination, you must now decide what clothes to pack; it’s suggested that you choose three colors that coordinate well with each other, this way you can create multiple outfits for the entirety of your trip and different occasions as well. A pair of jeans, a button-down shirt and a comfortable shirt are considered staples when you travel. Ideally, you should be able to wear each piece two or three times during your trip.

Carry the shoes you need:

It’s essential to remember that on a trip, you will be on your feet a lot, whether it’s trekking or site seeing; hence, you need comfortable footwear. You can opt for the best boots for hunting for your treks, and comfortable loafers for site seeing, and sandals for night outs. Three pairs are enough for a trip, anything more will take up space in your luggage and make it unnecessarily cumbersome.


A few essential accessories can change the way you feel about your outfit, as well as, the look of the ensemble. A simple jacket, a practical bag that can hold your essentials, or a hat to protect you from the elements are accessories that serve a purpose and look great too. You can pack a few pairs of socks that not only feel great but look good also.

Bring along one flexible outfit:

If you have a formal evening planned during the trip, don’t bother carrying around a bulky outfit or heavy suits and jackets that will take up extra space and make your luggage heavy. You can opt for a light dress, with comfy sandals; men can opt for a light blazer and a crisp white shirt, with loafers or your best boots for hunting that can double as formal wear as well.

Traveling anywhere can be a stressful ordeal, but if you’re smart with your packing and the outfits you carry, then everything will fall into place. Always remember when you travel, you must be comfortable, regardless of a flight trip or road trip, you need to have the right wardrobe for it; Comfort and function are the two most important parts of traveling. In case you want to go light, make sure that your clothes are portable and don’t take much space in your luggage. Hopefully, the above suggestions will help you out before you head out on your next trip. Have fun!

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