Hard to look away from these ‘heaven on earth’ villas in Santorini

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Santorini Island in Greece is one of the most famous travel destinations in the world. An active volcano, welcoming culture, great food, good wine, and breathtaking views and beaches have made this Island a tourist destination. People save up for years to travel to Santorini Island just so they can indulge in the lavish luxury experience of good hotels, good food, and a good time. Most travel agencies will recommend travellers to do something very simple, which these travellers end up doing. They will save up for a year or so, book the plane tickets, and head to Santorini Island with the aim to get a cheap and inexpensive hotel in the heart of the city. More often than not, these hotels are dingy, unclean, and unsafe; and that is not something a traveller in a foreign land should live with.

If you’re planning on going to Santorini Island anytime soon, invest in staying at a good hotel or renting a good location out so you can enjoy the Island and get the luxury experience all in one. Apart from that, investing in a great place to stay can help ensure your safety and peace of mind for the rest of the trip as well. For that very reason, we recommend the Santorini Villas for rent because when you come back after a long day of sightseeing and vacation activities, all you need or want is a comfortable and luxurious place to rest and enjoy the rest of your night. Never compromise on this part of your vacation because getting a cheaper hotel, room, or house may end up saving you a lot of money, but it will only tire you out and stress you even more when you cannot come back to a luxurious and comfortable setting in which to relax.

The Santorini Villas by Loyal Villas Luxury are a collection of high ends, extremely luxurious, and comfortable luxury villas on Santorini Island. They vary in size, housing, location, and price tag, but all of these are have one thing in common; the breathtaking view. Here are some of the reasons why it’s difficult to look away from this ‘heaven on Earth’ villas on Santorini Island:

1.    The view

All of these villas are located in amazing locations and feature the best views that you can possibly get on Santorini Island. Hilltops, mountain tops, right next to the beach, or near the hub of city life; these villas offer the best views for you to just come back after a long adventurous day and relax. If you’re not one for adventures in foreign lands, a good bottle of wine and delicious food couples with an amazing view is enough to make your vacation worth the money.

2.    Proximity to the city

For a good residence when you are on holiday, proximity to the busiest parts of the city, and to where you will be spending most of your time in the day, is very important. Extra travelling is not only exhausting but can also easily get annoying. These villas are situated in the most prime locations that cut down your travel time and allow for more comfort.

3.    The Pools

The combination of indoor, outdoor, and infinity pools with a breathtaking view of the Ocean is hard to find; and even more hard to look away from. Well built, temperature controlled pools can make your stay even better.

4.    Bedrooms and housing

Most of these villas can house more than 4-5 people, but you can choose the size and location of your villa according to the options available. Most villas have fully furnished bedrooms, kitchens and lounges. There is quite a lot of emphasis laid on housing and the qualities necessary to make a house worthwhile for you to spend your vacation in.

5.    Price points

We all want the view and the luxury, but not all of us can afford thousands of euros per day cost to rent large houses. These villas give you the perfect combination of choice in a price range, as well as the amenities and facilities that you would expect a rented apartment or house to have at the luxury price point.

The best part about these villas is the fact that they are situated in the best places on Santorini Island and no matter what villa you choose, you will get the best experience you could wish for.


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