How to arrange a student party like in the movies?

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Do you have an inner party planner in you who is just dying to come out? The truth is, as a college student, throwing a party is one way for you to be more relevant and to make new friends. It is also a great way to have a good time and blow off some steam from all the studying and looking for homework help online. Regardless of why you are thinking of hosting a party, you must make sure that you invest time and effort into the planning process.

You must ensure that your parties are as much fun and exotic as in the college party movies. You want yours to be simply legendary. Here are a few tips that will help you become a party monster in your school.

Send the invites

You need to nail the invites. You want to make sure that all the cool people and your homies are going to be at your party. What type of party is it if no one comes? A great way to let people know is to create an awesome party invite on Facebook. Set the privacy setting so that the invite goes only to the people you want to invite. Send out those invites at least one week in advance. If you send them too long in advance, they may not be remembered. The last thing you want is to have a party that is overcrowded, and you barely know half of those who came. To keep the event alive, post funny pics, memes and statuses that will discretely but effectively remind your homies of the party you are hosting.

Remember to state that the party starts at least an hour earlier than it actually does. College party pips are not as time conscious as you would want.

What is your theme?

Once you have made an FB event and invited several people, you need your party to be different from all the parties held in your college. To begin with, make sure that your event description is hilarious and has a dope theme. The funnier the theme, the more eager people will be to attend. You can use puns, make fun of the current events and inside jokes, regardless of what you use, the invite itself should make people be as close to peeing as possible when they are finishing reading the event description. There are numerous places where you can get a college theme party idea.

Keep it invites only

If you do not want the police to come to your party, you need to control your crowd. This means letting in the people you invited and quickly rejecting anyone whose name was not on the invite list. Also, ensure that smokers are out of sight at the back of the room. If you invite only the people you know, it will be easier to prevent charges of providing alcohol to minors.

Be ready for the police. Know your rights

Cops are always flocking college parties and ruining the college party ideas. Do not think for a second that they will not come to your party. Don’t let the event get too loud, and always stay cautious. If the cops roll up, do not let them in under any circumstance. The last thing you want is the escalation of a noise complaint into being charged for letting minors drink alcohol. Be respectful but hold your ground. Have a person who is 21+ open the door and lock it behind them. Your rule of thumb should be no warranty equals no entry. Do not let them cheat their way into the room. If they claim that you are making too much noise, ask them to show you their decibel meter. If they do not have one, then they just want to get into the party and ruin it. Keep your cool and keep them out.

Expect the best but be prepared for the worst

You must also be ready to deal with police officers who will not leave. Ensure that you have a plan. It is okay to have people in the room. Therefore if the police won’t leave, find a place to stash a couple of people like maybe in the basement. Let the people know it is code red, and they must stay quiet. If your people cooperate, the police should be out of your home in no time. Then you can go on partying.

No cars, cabs only

The worst thing that could happen is you get a call that one of your friends was involved in an accident or a person died as a result of drunk driving. You will be tied up to this legal mess, and it will not be fun. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

The music

The party you host will begin and end with the playlist you have. It will make or break your party. Get the songs that will amp anyone’s soul. Everyone loves a good throwback so do not be afraid to throw in some classics.


This is an obvious one. The right amount of booze is essential for the success of your party. You will need several handles of cheap flavored vodka, several kegs, and standard jungle juice. Make sure that you have enough funding to guarantee everyone several drinks. Remember to buy more cups for the party than you think you would require. People will need a cup for drinks, cups for games, cups for cups. The real truth is that there will never be enough cups.

Get some friends to help

You will need bouncers and bartenders. While you do not want to work for your college house party, you also do not want to wake up to a ruined house. If you have bartenders and bouncers, you will keep annoying underclassmen from sneaking in and ruining the home. Keeping the bouncer will ensure that only the invited get into the party. It also prevents fights among your guests.


You must find a way to lighten your budget because hosting a party might get expensive. But you do not have to break the bank either. Let the guests know beforehand what exactly you will be providing. This way they will have an idea of what to bring if they are inclined to a drink you will not provide.

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