Must Have Elements for a Great Night’s Rest

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If you make it to the age of 75, you will have spent approximately 25 of those years asleep. Since a third of your life is going to be spent slumbering, don’t you want it to be great sleep? Unfortunately, there are several things in your life and even in your bedroom that may be impacting your ability to get a great night’s rest.

The good news is, there are some actions you can take and products you can use to create the most restful environment possible. By doing this, you can turn mediocre or good sleep into great sleep.

The Temperature

It’s important for your room to be cool while you sleep. This can help prevent overheating, while encouraging a more restful sleep. As you start to enter light sleep levels, your body temperature naturally drops. When you sleep in a cool room, it will help to encourage this process, and help your body remain in the different sleep stages longer.

Light isn’t Your Friend

It’s important that you sleep in a dark room. This is a signal to the body that it’s time to rest. Your circadian rhythm is actually driven by if there is light in the room. This means when you have a dark room, it’s going to encourage the sleep hormone to be produced.

If there is still light in your room after turning everything off, it may be a good idea to use blackout curtains or another method to block any unnecessary light from outside.

Your Mattress

The mattress you are sleeping on can significantly impact how well you rest. Pressure points are one of the biggest issues, but a subpar mattress can also lead to issues of snoring, tossing and turning and other problems that interrupt your sleep.

If you aren’t sure the mattress is the problem, then it may be the box spring or the base. If you feel like this needs to be updated, then consider investing in the mattress bases offered by Reverie. This can provide the positioning and support needed to alleviate some of the common mattress woes.

Make Evening Meals Lighter

While you may be tempted to grab a snack, or an entire pizza, around 10:30 PM, this may be the perfect storm resulting in insomnia. Try to eat dinner a few hours before bedtime. Also, be sure to avoid eating any foods that cause indigestion.

If you are so hungry at night you can’t stand it, try to eat foods that won’t impact your sleep. Try carbohydrates or dairy foods.

Drink – But Not Too Much

You need to drink enough water (or another non-caffeinated beverage) before bed so you aren’t waking up parched. However, don’t drink so much that you are waking up to use the restroom. This is a balancing act and it may take you a few nights to get it right.

Exercise Earlier in the Day

There is no question that exercise is good for you. It can also help you fall asleep much faster and sleep soundly. However, to achieve these benefits, you must exercise at the right time.

Exercise is going to stimulate your body to produce cortisol. This is what activates your bran’s alerting mechanism. This is great, unless of course, you are trying to go to sleep. A good rule of thumb is to finish all your exercising at least three hours prior to trying to go to bed.

If you want to get a great night’s rest, then be sure to use the tips here. Your body, mind and mood will thank you.


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