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World-renowned Italian artist, Nello Petrucci, showcased The Essence of Lightness, the largest collage installation by any artist in history, at 3 World Trade Center – 45thFloor. Petrucci was hand-selected by the Silverstein family to share his mural of advertising images, shreds of hidden souls and dreams that look for wings and represents hope that warms the present and builds the future. Attending the intimate reception was the Honorable Pietro AmitranoMayor of Pompeii, who stated, “It was a great honor to be in New York City at 3 World Trade Center to view Petrucci’s showpiece. We are incredibly touched that a piece of Pompeii now lives on the 45th floor.”

The Silverstein family welcomed Petrucci from Italy and his great work for all to see and stated, “A masterpiece in the sky!” “I’m humbled by this experience and incredibly grateful to be part of history in the 3WTC. I gave my heart and vision in this collage and told a story of the past, present and future for everybody to enjoy,” said Petrucci. Gianni Boccia, owner of Contemply and manager of Petrucci expressed gratitude to Petrucci and his commitment of turning his vision into a reality on the 45th floor. Boccia also stated, “Wow! Just Wow!”


The art of Petrucci has its roots in distant ages, as evidenced by his collection dedicated to “Pompeii and the mysteries of eternal beauty,” starting from graffiti, a face, a fresco. All to remember and highlight the great artistic value of those “unknown soldiers” of Pompeian painting, as defined by Petrucci. Through his work you will experience laughter, happiness, awareness of contributing to this farsighted patronage of  the walls of the World Trade Center will be in the immediate future, no longer an echo facing down as it is natural, but, the aspiration of the whole project, an echo facing upwards, towards “the eternal blue sky.” Petrucci, is involved in creating this beauty inside, to transmit automatically with his art, the word, the meaning, the message to walls intended for silence, oblivion, or humiliated by time.

The World Trade Center for Petrucci is nothing but an “artistic mirror.”


When Silverstein Properties thought about rebuilding the World Trade Center, the company’s goal was to create a place full of life and creativity that would reflect who we are as New Yorkers. Silverstein worked with some of the world’s leading architects and artists. They put art in and around their new buildings and invited artists to work in the buildings as they were leased. What these artists have done is a testament to that vision. It is fun, it’s exciting, it’s creative and is what Downtown is all about. Silverstein’s vision was to create a better version of New York and that vision is now a reality. Today, the new World Trade Center has come alive as a dynamic public space with timeless architecture – and home to some of the city’s most exciting companies.


Contemply is a management organization that represents artists both domestically and abroad. Giovanni Boccia and Nino Del Pozzo, from Italy and partners of Contemply, show their work internationally including 3 World Trade Center, the home to prestigious artists from all over the world. Contemply recently won the prestigious “Spotlight Award” for the best gallery at the 40th edition of the Art Expo New York 2018.

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