Some Cannabis Myths Busted

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Cannabis is often misunderstood and there are many myths and misconceptions about it even now that it has been lehgalized in so many places. Some of these myths are so ridiculous they are laughable, and others are just misinformation that has been gleaned from people trying to stop the drugs scene. There are far too many myths to mention them all here, but let\s just dispel some of the most common ones.

It Kills Brain Cells

There have been many studies over the last few decades some of which were inconclusive. However, recent research by the University of Louisville has determined that Cannabis does not kill off brain cells. This confirmed the findings of an older study by Cambridge University.

It Is Easy To Overdose

To overdose on Cannabis, you would need to ingest 40,000 times the amount put in a normal smoke, all at once. This would be quite an undertaking that is most unlikely to happen.

The Giggles And Munchies Are Not real

Cannabis will heighten your perception, which can cause confusion. Things that you would not normally laugh at suddenly become funny and people smoking cannabis definitely laugh more.

However, because of this affect you should not drive while you are feeling the effects of cannabis, or you could find you need sme pretty sharp legal advice if you cause an accident. In this respect, it is the same as having drunk too much alcohol and not feeling quite yourself. People should never drink and drive, and the same applies to cannabis or any other drug.

It also influences your senses, including taste and smell, and food seems much more appetizing because of this.

Cannabis Can Make You Gay

It really is unbelievable that anyone would think this is true. You are born with your sexual preferences and no drugs can change them. Cannabis will not make a straight person gay or a gay person straight.

Cannabis Causes Violent Crimes

Studies have shown that criminals do tend you use more cannabis, but they also showed that they drank more alcohol, smoked more cigarettes and used more of other drugs. It is therefore unfair to blame cannabis for violent crimes, as it is the lifestyle criminals lead that causes them, not the drink and drugs they consume.

You Can Get High From Eating Raw Weed

Cannabis has to be cooked and combined with a fatty substance to have any effect if you want to consume it orally. Eat it raw and all you will end up with is a mouth full of weed and no effects at all.

George Washington Grew Cannabis

George Washington grew hemp, not cannabis. He thought it would be a lucrative venture, but it soon proved not to be so.

Cannabis Is Worse Than Cigarettes

Cigarettes have so many chemicals in them it would be hard to find anything worse for your lungs, and certainly cannabis is not. Cigarette smokers tend to use more of their addictive drug too, the average smoker using 20 cigarettes a day. Cannabis has no addictive elements to it, and users would very rarely smoke that many times in 24 hours.

Cannabis has a bad name it does not deserve, and it has also been found to have some good medicinal uses. That is why some countries are starting to be less strict about its consumption, and others are considering making its use legal.

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