The Best Activities For De-Stressing

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One of the best ways to de-stress after a difficult day is to exercise. This can provide an outlet for your frustration, help you to accomplish something and release endorphins which are hormones that fight stress. Any type of physical activity can be helpful for de-stressing, but there are a few which are particularly good and will soon help you to forget your troubles. So, the next time you have had a hard day, or you are going through a stressful experience then consider any of the following activities which should help you to unwind and let go of your troubles.

Martial Arts/Boxing

When you are frustrated, it is difficult to unleash this in a healthy manner. Martial arts or boxing is the perfect outlet for your stress, and you are sure to feel much better and calmer after as you are able to release anger, energy, and tension. Additionally, martial arts brings many health benefits and can teach you self-discipline and focus while developing important self-defense techniques. There are many great options to consider, including karate, kung-fu, kickboxing, judo, and Krav Maga.


Sometimes after a hard day, there is nothing better than putting on your running shoes and heading out. In addition to being a good outlet for stress and helping you to get fresh air, running will encourage the release of endorphins through accelerating your heart rate. This will help you to feel good and combat stress so that you will feel much better once you get home.


While high-energy sports and activities can be helpful by releasing endorphins, there is also a lot to be said for a more relaxing, slow-paced sport like golf. Many people use golf as a way to forget about their troubles, and this is effective because it is a game that requires careful thought and focus. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, it is helpful to have high-quality golf drivers to improve your accuracy and distance – hitting a long drive can feel fantastic and release a lot of stress. You’ll find you can cover long distances when you play a round of golf as golf courses are often spread over a large golf course with an abundance of beautiful views to take in along the way.


Similarly, yoga or pilates is another low-intensity activity that is well-known for reducing stress while being a good form of exercise. This mind-body exercise uses deep breathing and a range of postures which can help to improve balance, flexibility, and strength. Yoga or pilates can also be easy to start with many beginner classes available either online, or there should be a class somewhere near you (the social aspect can also be helpful for relieving stress).

Exercise is a fantastic and healthy way for you to manage your stress. Any type of exercise can be helpful, but the above are all particularly good for de-stressing and for different reasons. You may find that one or all of them work well for you and once you begin to practice on a regular basis, you will soon begin to notice both the physical and mental health benefits.

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