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The Three Home Decor Trends to Take You Into 2019

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As 2018 draws to a close, many people are starting to think about how they can live their best life as we transition into 2019. For some people, it’s going to be about dropping that flab they put on during the winter that’s fast approaching. For others, 2019 is the time to up their social profile, and generate the followers they need to make their Instagram and Twitter pages explode. And for others still, 2019 represents the chance to change up their look, both in their fashion style, but also, in their homes.

Even in an economy like ours, the best and brightest understand that to do your best, you have to look your best. That doesn’t include only how you look when you walk in the walk, but how your home looks. No one wants a crib that looks completely whack and out of touch; it’s a guaranteed way to go from hot, to not. You – the young, fresh, independent animal you are – understand this, and you’re no doubt prepared to do whatever it takes to create a home that’s the hot button topic at parties, and is ready to start showing off on Instagram from day one.

To help you out a little, there are the three home decor trends that will keep you looking hot in 2019.

Eco-Friendly, Outdoor Materials for Your Indoor Space

Being environmentally considerate is the smart thing to do…duh? The days of using, “I don’t have much of an impact,” and “I just don’t have time” are over. If you’re not thinking about how you can protect the planet, and prevent the horrible abuse suffered by animals every day, then there’s just simply no hope for you. But you’re not like that, or you wouldn’t be here, and you can use your space to show just how committed to protecting our environment you are.

Use natural materials, that were produced using environmentally conscious methods, to decorate your home. Synthetic wood and stone materials give a natural appearance to your home, and reflects the elegance you find in nature. There’s nothing that will keep you relevant like broadcasting the fact that you’re a born again eco-warrior, and this style will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as to where you stand.

Subdued Colors, with Stylish Patterns

You’re not trying to detract from the attention that’s directed at you in your home; after all, your home needs to be an extension of you, and when people look at your home, the first thing they need to think is, “That’s so her.” With that in mind, ditch the bright pinks and sky blues (this isn’t some fairy princess kingdom), and go with something more subtle. It lends an air of mystery, and the only person who should ever know all your secrets, is you.

Use dignified, curved furniture to give your home a heightened sense of refinement, and incorporate rugs that look absolutely majestic to emphasize that feeling. With a look like that, you’ll have everyone sulking over the fact that they’re not you.

Artistic, Elegant Wallpaper

Painting is a pain, and if you get the wrong hue, your design will be ruined. Plus – it wears out over time, and who has time to deal with rollers and spills anyway? Instead, opt to use some beautiful wallpaper, with designs based on modern art or historical crests, that will lend an aura of luxury and taste to your space.

There are a huge number of patterns to choose from, so pick one that looks as refined as you are. You can go wrong with patterns and colors derived from the Fleur-de-lis, and it will speak to your sophistication and posh sense of style. If you want to be treated like royalty, you have to look like royalty.



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