What to Get for Someone You have Been with for Many Years

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After fifteen years of marriage or a relationship, it gets increasingly harder to find unique, surprising gifts for your partner. During the beginning stages of a relationship, when we are still learning about your partner’s personality, likes and passions, we are provided with plenty of inspiration to lead us to the perfect gift, but once we’ve come to learn almost everything there is to know about our significant other, it is no longer as easy to surprise them and we start relying on hints or the obligatory stocking-fillers to make due. If you’re completely stuck on what to get your long-term partner for Christmas this year, here are a few ideas that might help you along your way.


What do you get someone you have been with for many years and who literally has everything? An experience. Creating memories together is one of the most beautiful aspects of any relationship, so instead of buying yet another trinket that will collect dust by spring, surprise your spouse with an experience – one you will be able to remember for the rest of your lives. Whether it is an hour of trying to puzzle yourself out of an escape room with your closest friends, or a candle-light-dinner in a particularly spectacular location, these types of experiences will make for unforgettable memories, and memories are the most valuable thing you can gift your partner.


You can’t gift knowledge, but you can sign up for workshops that will help you gain said knowledge! There is always something new to learn so consider your partner’s main interests and look into different workshops or classes that will help them accomplish their dream of picking up a new skill. If you happen to find workshops for a joined interest, even better, as this will give you a chance to reconnect in a fun, creative learning environment. If you’re not as fascinated by beer-brewing as your partner, not to worry – they’ll be just as happy to have an entirely new hobby for themselves.

Eternity Ring

If you’re looking for a deeply meaningful gift for your long-term partner, you can’t go wrong with an eternity ring: a symbol of eternal love. Though eternity rings were traditionally reserved for special anniversaries such as the Coral anniversary (35 years), it is one you can choose to gift whenever the time feels right for you. After many, many years together, reconfirming your unconditional love for one another is about as romantic as a Christmas gift can get.

DIY Inventions

If you go through all your old treasure boxes and notebooks, you will be sure to find many visual and written reminders of your personal relationship history. Instead of keeping them in a safe place to only ever see the light of day during your spring-cleaning session, use them to create a unique, personal DIY gift such as a scrapbook, collage or photobook for your partner.

A Weekend Get-Away

What does your partner currently need more: a Netflix pass or a weekend-getaway? While both offer ways to relax, a weekend-getaway will ultimately be a lot more beneficial than a Netflix marathon as you will come back from it feeling refreshed and revitalized! An escape from your daily routine can work wonders on your psyche, body and yes, your relationship, so this really is a gift for you both.

A Personalized Novel

Not a simple one to do for a beginner but it’s definitely unique! Make your partner the protagonist of an exciting adventure story, a sci-fi world or a romantic comedy by having a personalized novel created for them. This is a very thoughtful gift that is guaranteed to be received as such. Your partner’s eyes will light up as they follow their own adventures through a world you helped create. Check out the various companies offering personalized novels on Google to make your pick.

A Custom Painting

Buying art for others is a tricky business. Even if you’re sure of your partner’s preferences – i.e. abstract over landscapes, realist over mixed media – you can’t always be sure you’re going to nail their style, especially when it comes to a commercial piece. You can, however, commission someone to create a custom painting for your partner, based on a picture or illustration they are particularly fond of. Let your fantasy run wild: it could be anything from their favourite wedding picture to their most-listened-to album cover, or a rendition of their famous, classic painting.

Recreate Your First Date

Sometimes a little stroll down memory lane can be the best gift you can make someone. Rediscover the beginnings of your long-term relationship by gifting your partner a recreation of your first date. If your love was first sparked during a Harry Potter viewing, rent the DVD, buy all the snacks you consumed that day and recreate the magic at home on Christmas Eve.


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