Winter Skincare Advice That Holds Water

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Summer is when we try and take care of our skin the most because of the heat. There is nothing worse than UV rays to dry it out or, worse, burn it to a crisp. During the winter, we tend to be a little more liberal about our skincare regime. Every woman knows there is less sunlight as well as more rainfall at the end of the year, so why bother taking ages to get ready to go out or go to bed?

The reality is the winter is as harmful to the skin as any other time of year. As a result, it’s important a girl has her skin essentials by her side. Below are a few which we should all invest in now that winter is coming.

A Non-Oily Moisturizer

The skin doesn’t feel as dry during the winter months because it produces lots of oils. However, we often mistake this as meaning we don’t need to moisturize; our body has got our backs. The truth is that the climate is a lot dryer from November and December through to February, so a moisturizer is essential. This is very true for the likes of us who spend a lot of time indoors with the heating at full blast. An HA infused lotion is a fantastic start, especially if it has no extra oils. Hyaluronic acid is a super-hydrator so it will keep the skin moist all day long without being greasy.

SPF 50

Seems like overkill to most of us, right? The sun barely shines, and when it does it isn’t as strong. While it might be less intense in the winter, it’s still a force to be reckoned with as far as our skin is involved. Without adequate protection, it will absorb lots of the sun’s rays and dry out quicker than Gandhi’s sandal. If it’s a sunny day, then SPF 50 is a must because we aren’t going to get a tan so might as well block it out completely.

Retinol Treatment

Thanks to blisteringly cold winds and no humidity, the skin takes a battering during the winter. Although it might not feel as bad as what happens in the summer, the weather still does a number. In fact, it affects our skin in a way the July sun never can. Because of the cracks and flaws that show up, wrinkles are more likely to appear the day after. It can take a while, but we should be ready with a backup plan. Thankfully, retinol boosts collagen production and helps us fight back.

Lip Balm

Most of our bodies are covered up when the weather is cold, but not everything gets the special treatment. The face is often exposed, which is why the majority of us have facial moisturizers. However, this doesn’t cover the lips and they get a raw deal. Plus, as they need constant moisture, they start to split quite quickly. Lip balm, applied regularly, should keep our lips looking full and luscious all year round.

And there we have it, ladies – the essentials we shouldn’t be without this year.

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