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10 Facts You Need To Know About Rolex

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Rolex, the Swiss watchmaker, is famous all over the world, and probably the best-known watch brand in history. But do you know everything you need to know about this renowned make? Probably not.

All that is about to change with some help from the following infographic. You’ll learn about the sheer scale of Rolex’s operations, the meticulous effort that goes into every product, and the different materials that the company uses to ensure pure luxury.

Rolex isn’t a mass watchmaker, despite the size of its brand. It still sticks to its roots and makes all of its watches by hand. Although the company is officially based in Switzerland, (with offices in Geneva), it also has a significant presence in other global cities, including London and New York City, thanks to vendors like Frost NYC.

You might think that Rolex is only interested in creating designer, bespoke watches with little in the way of practical value – but you’d be wrong. Rolex was actually the first company in history to develop waterproof watches all the way back in 1926. Since then, the company has refined its waterproofing technology, with some watches designed to withstand the intense pressures at more than 12,000 metres below.

Take a look at this infographic to find out more about this fascinating company.

Infographic by Frost NYC Frost Nyc

So there you have it: Rolex was, is and probably always will be, at the centre of luxury watchmaking. The company – with a presence in more than 100 countries – remains the go-to watch brand for people all over the world, thanks to their excellent reputation for quality and craftsmanship.


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