4 Tennis Fashion Tips

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You may not immediately associate different sport types with specific fashion styles, but it only takes attending a prestigious sporting event of any kind to realize that each sport comes with its own particular style. Golfers are famous for their tweed trousers and hats; figure skaters bedazzle their audiences with intricate, glittery dresses and suits, and the yoga community is all about printed leggings and tops sporting beautiful illustrations of Hindu deities and other eastern symbolism. Tennis is another sport that comes with its very own style and pro players such as Serena and Venus Williams, are a perfect example of how you can break a sweat on the courts and still look incredibly stylish.

Upon creating exclusive outfits for pro players to show off on the courts, major brands such as Nike, Addidas and Asics pay special attention to their choice of colours, ensuring that the players will really stand out. At the Roland Garros WTA this summer, star players such as Simone Halep, Venus Williams and Maria Sharapova didn’t just rock the game, they killed it in terms of their choice of outfits too. Halep opted for a deep, turquoise blue colour in her Nike Summer Zonal Cool Slam Tank and the matching Zonal Cool Smash Skirt; paired with her Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Shoes, she had everything she needed to zoom across the court on her way to the top.  Venus on the other hand, shone in her EleVen Sprint Incline Dress with a matching visor in red, white, black and frost gray colours and a playful zigzag print.

If you’re determined to look just as good as these pro playing ladies when you’re on the court, follow these four simple tennis fashion tips:

You Can Never Go Wrong with White

White is probably the most popular – and traditional – colour to wear on the courts, and for good reason. Not only is white the best colour to wear during scorching temperatures, it also makes for a nice contrast against the green or red courts, making you stand out to the crowd. Make sure to keep your tennis sneakers nice and clean especially!

The Little Black (or multi-coloured) Tennis Dress is Perfectly Acceptable

Serena and Venus have shown time and time again, that tennis dresses aren’t just practical, they can be sexy too – within limits. Of course, a tennis dress should never actually distract from the game, but there’s nothing wrong with wearing one that makes you feel a million-dollars on the courts – chances are it will show in your game too. Confidence goes a long way in winning an important match and the way we dress can contribute to it, so, we say, go for it! You don’t need to be Serena to pull off the off-shoulder, black tennis dress with tutu-style skirt created by Nike and Virgil Abloh.

Make Sure Your Kicks Match Your Outfit

Women normally use accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and handbags to accentuate their outfits. Unfortunately, these types of accessories are not exactly welcomed – or practical – on the tennis court, but there is another way to elevate your look: by always being sure to match your shoes to your outfit. If you’re wearing a tank top and short combo, make sure your shoes are the same colour as one of the items you’re wearing to complete the look.

Turns Heads with Snazzy Headgear

Caps, headbands and visors are a must – regardless of which season you are currently playing in. Headgear isn’t just a way to protect yourself from the sun, it also helps to keep your hair out of your face and sweat from dripping into your eyes. Matching your cap, visor or headband with your shoes or a specific colour-element from your outfit will make for a snazzy look. If you’re wearing white this season, go all out with your choice of head protection: bright, multiple colours or busy patterns will turn heads.


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