6 Smart Tips To Spend Less On Clothes

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Clothing is a basic need of every human being. Every year, we spend hundreds of dollars on clothes. It’s understandable since clothes get worn. However, too much spending on clothes can put a significant dent on the budget.

If you’re worried that you’ve been spending more than you should be, here are a few tips to save money on clothes.


  • Invest in Better Quality Clothing


It may seem ironic but buying more decent clothes than cheap ones will save you more money in the long run. You can shop in physical stores or browse online such as The Volte. More expensive ones usually have better quality and value.

Investing in more expensive clothing ensures that you get your money’s worth. Cheap clothes usually have low quality, and they get worn much faster, which, in turn, prompts you to buy more. You will spend more money, and you will also keep doing shopping runs to buy more.


  • Time Your Shopping Right


You can buy clothes for less when it is off-season. There are better deals on those times than what is trending right now. Remember, you don’t have to own every piece of it. It’s okay to be in the trend from time to time but always make sure that you pick only those that look good on you.

Sales events are also an excellent time to buy clothes because the prices are marked down to a lower amount. Maybe you could even wait a bit more to see if the cost of that item you’ve been eyeing will still decrease. You can also browse online to find better deals and great shopping tips.


  • Get Creative with Your Style


At some point, you may start to feel like your wardrobe is getting dull and boring. You’re wearing the same thing over and over and dressing up is no longer fun for you. You don’t need to replace everything in it, be creative and think of new ways to wear what you already have.

Some pieces, like ties, scarves, and white tees, can be styled and worn in many different ways. You could even try accessorizing to add some flair to your current wardrobe. You can find many fashion icons online, or you could also ask your fashionista friend for some advice and inspiration.


  • Take Better Care of Your Clothes


Clothes are an everyday necessity so don’t be surprised that it can only take a few months before they get worn down. It may be inevitable, but you can still prolong the life of your clothes by taking better care of them.

Here’s a few clothing care that you should try:

  • Don’t wash them very often. Those made from sturdy materials like denim and wool don’t need to be washed regularly. You can air them out then wear them again.
  • Fold your clothes properly. Folding them neatly can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Store your clothes in vacuum or canvas bags.
  • Place a few mothballs in your closet or dresser.



  • Buy Clothes According To Your Lifestyle


Dressing up in luxurious and glamorous clothes is a dream for a lot of people. You watch the rich and famous clothe themselves in elegant and expensive couture and you dream about doing the same. But, you live in the countryside, don’t attend movie premieres or parties, and you have a regular job.

If you want to be smart in shopping, look for clothes that you will actually wear. You might see a stylish overcoat, try it on, and find that it looks great on you, so you buy it. But you live in a tropical country where you won’t get much use out of it. You spend money on it, and you never get to wear it again.

So think about what clothes you need and which pieces you’ll wear on a regular basis. Follow the dress code if there’s any. Don’t shop for that fantasy life you have in your head. Shop for the real life you actually have.


  • Borrow or Rent for Special Occasions


If your social calendar is mostly composed of formal or black tie events, then, by all means, go shopping. However, if those events come to you once every few decades, then it’s smarter to rent or borrow.

Renting evening wear for a special occasion will cost you significantly less than buying a new one. It’s also a safer choice because if you buy one, it may go out of style in a few months. You might even gain or lose weight, it won’t fit you anymore. If you borrow from a family or friend, then it’ll only cost you one dry cleaning.

Spending less on clothes doesn’t just save you money, it has other benefits too like your clothes won’t pile up, and your closet will look more organized. Being smart about clothes shopping helps you allocate the money on other important stuff like food and other bills. So, the next time you’re at the mall, try not to get tempted of the next cute outfit you see.



Ruby is a fashion blogger for magazines and occasionally for different blogs. She likes to travel, UK and France are two of her favorite places to go. Her lifestyle is clean, she is a gymaholic, she loves to keep herself healthy and work out. She enjoys every fashion and social event and tries not to miss them.

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