6 Tips That Can Improve Your Driving Skills

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A car is a powerful machine which needs care and undivided attention while operating. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced driver or you’re just getting your feet wet. It’s important to always improve your driving skills through refresher courses and such. You can always take help from driving schools like for reshaping or revising your driving skill enrolling into their courses.

Here are some of the ways you can improve your driving skills:

  1. Consider Taking a Defensive Driving Course

Driving courses will save you a lot of money when purchasing a car insurance. They can also act as fantastic refresher courses, especially if you’ve been driving for a number of years. You might have forgotten how to estimate the distance between you and the next vehicle based on your speed.

You can also get to know the difference between a DWI and DUI and what leads to both scenarios. Therefore, consider taking a defensive driving course.

  1. Hold Your Steering Wheel in the Correct Position

If you haven’t taken a refresher course, then chances are you’re still holding the wheel in the wrong position. For the longest time now, students learned to hold the wheel in the 10 and 2 positions. This has since changed and the correct position is now at 8 and 4 or 9 and 3.

According to the new guidelines, these positions provide more stability and control as you drive. In addition, these positions are ergonomic and you can hold the wheel for a longer time.

  1. Cover all Blind Spots by Adjusting the Mirrors

Among the leading causes of accidents, blind spots rank top. To avoid such, it’s important to adjust the side mirrors so they face outward in a way that they overlap the rearview mirror.

This will give you more view of what’s happening behind you.

  1. Always Drive When You’re Fully Alert

Anything that will hamper your alert levels while driving is dangerous to both you and the passengers in the car. This includes driving under the influence or driving while impaired due to sleep or any medication.

Did you know that one out of six fatal crashes is caused by an impaired driver? If at any time you feel your mental capacity is impaired either from poor sleep, medication, or alcohol, then it’s best if you take a back seat and let someone else drive. You can even pull over and get some rest before going back on the road.

  1. Avoid Distractions While Driving

Texting while driving is a major cause of accidents. Since it’s against the law to drive while texting, you can use other safer ways, but it’s best to keep away altogether. Distractions don’t end with your cell phone, fiddling with the radio, a talkative passenger and eating while driving are all part of distractions.

It’s also vital for you to understand where you’re headed. Many times, people get into panic mode after realizing they’ve lost their bearing. This can lead to a dangerous maneuver. Before embarking on a journey, ensure you have your route mapped out in advance.

  1. Behave Well in Traffic

Lane merging is a crucial skill while in traffic. An unskilled driver can cause traffic snarl-ups, accidents and road rage. There are rude lane cutters and polite ones who’ll ask for the way. The best way to go about it is by asking for way in a polite manner or taking turns.

In such cases, patience pays. Also, don’t hold up an entire lane. Work together with other drivers to help ease the traffic situation. 

Most of the time, the small things lead to fatalities on the road. It’s rare to find a fault in the car causing a major accident. Human errors take up a huge percentage of the leading causes of accidents. However, you can avoid this by following the tips outlined in this article.


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