7 good Questions to Ask a Psychic

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Do you ever wonder what meeting a psychic would feel like? Would they be a gypsy named Esme with a charismatic voice or would they be a normal looking person with a flat voice? At one point in our lives, we have all wanted to meet a psychic at least once. The truth of the matter is, meeting a psychic for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. You have looked forward to this moment and have all these expectations that you somehow forgot you are supposed to ask questions. What are the 7 good questions to ask a psychic when you finally meet them? Read on to find out!

Ask about a big life changing situation you are facing.

It could be a question about some of the most important people in your life and the impact they will have in it. For this question, the psychic will refer to the most important cards in the deck called the major arcana. This card tell the story of the only card that is not numbered in the deck; the fool. They trail him on his life’s journey as he faces challenges and overcomes them. This card will assist the psychic in answering the question you just asked. Questions could be based on your wife, parents, fiancée etc. as long as they have a big impact in your life.

A question based on your career and business.

Who doesn’t want to know where their business enterprise is headed? Besides, it would be a waste to meet a psychic and not discuss your professional life. As the psychic answers this question, you are most likely to find a number of cards from the minor arcana suit of wands. This card usually focus on one’s career and various elements of a business. This question could be based on a business you are venturing in or the direction of your career.

Ask a question based on your love life.

This should have been the first question to ask. Who doesn’t want to know about their relationship status? For this reading, the psychic will draw various cards from the tarot deck cups. The cups usually focus on romance, love and relationships in general. Fun fact- if your reading is general and not focused on anything in particular and you draw several cards from this deck, there is a high chance that your romantic life is exciting. The questions could be based on your current relationship or about a crush you’re having.

Be sure to ask a question based on your mental energy.

Don’t hesitate to ask about something that you’re energetic and passionate about or something that involves creativity and mental activity. For this reading, the swords will be more involved. This deck is associated with a passionate and brightly burning fire. If you draw several cards from this deck during your reading, then it is more likely that your levels of enthusiasm and energy are at their peak and it is the right time to chase your dreams.

Ensure the question is based on something that you are passionate about or have been thinking about for a while now.

Include a question based on your finances.

While this might be an uncomfortable question to ask and discuss with a stranger, it still touches on your normal life. It would be a waste to meet a psychic and not ask such a question. For this reading, the pentacles cards are most involved so is you happen to draw several form this deck, you should be attentive.

A question about your health.

This is also another uncomfortable subject to discuss with a stranger but important as well. When it comes to health, the pentacle cards which are also known as the tarot’s deck practical cards are involved. This question could be about the general state of your health or even something more specific.

Ask a question based on your spirituality.

When the word psychic is mentioned, the words spiritual’ and energy’ automatically cross the mind. It is for this reason that a spiritual question should be included in the list. The swords deck will be most involved in this reading as spiritual energy involves passion.

Despite the overwhelming nature of meeting a psychic for the first time, with a list of good questions to ask, the experience becomes smooth. According to, tarots cards date back as far as the 15th century and have steadily changed to what we know today. Despite the many controversies around readings, they help one connect with the universe’s energy and are a great knowledge source. Be sure to make your reading worthwhile with the above questions!


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