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Although the entire Australian coast deserves such a fitting nickname, there are a few reasons why this particular portion of South East Queensland has rightfully earned it. Tantalizingly close to Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast preserves its paradise-like solitude in the midst of crowded hotspots. It combines everything a traveler could dream of: playful waves and crisp sandy beaches nestled in the surrounding emerald, laid-back cafés and eateries serving local delicacies to tease your taste-buds, and friendly people that will greet and treat you like one of their own.

If it’s time to prepare your next vacation or your next nomad destination, let’s give you a few unparalleled arguments to skip the Sydney hustle and enjoy the Sunshine Coast’s immaculate charm for your next adventure.


Image 2 – Sunshine Coast, Australia

Venture off shore

For those who have always wanted to learn how to surf, there’s probably no better place to take up such a hobby. With beaches ranging from those with wild, wild waves, to those serene, slow-paced ones, the ocean will prove to be a friendly companion in your chase for the perfect barrel.

However, an even more extraordinary way to experience the ocean would be to meet its most renowned residents: whales! During the cooler months of the year, which means from June to November, these magnificent creatures migrate, passing through this region, and you can join a boat ride to take you as close as the very center of that action, amidst the whales’ friendly dance.

Image 3 – Sunshine Coast, Australia

Join the local beat

No matter if you plan to stay a single week or a month, you should always stay in the know and learn what’s on at the Sunshine Coast and what events would be the best for you to attend. Don’t be fooled by the humble spirit of this region, because in addition to being a perfect spot to relax and keep away from the crowds, the Sunshine Coast is also an excellent choice for getting to know the local culture.

The best way to do that would be to visit during some of the local annual events, such as Noosa alive! happening in July, when many notable musicians, film-makers, and even chefs join to deliver a brilliant atmosphere. Then there’s Ironman for the fitness freaks, and the Wanderlust Sunshine Coast, which is four days dedicated to mindfulness. There’s something for everyone’s taste, and if you can only stay a limited amount of time, this may be a good point of reference when you should book your stay.

Image 4 – Sunshine Coast, Australia

Head to Noosa

Any visit to this region would be incomplete without a stop at the Noosa National Park, one of the most well-known treasure troves of natural wonders Australia is so proud of. By far the best way to absorb the local beauty is to hike on one of its trails, all of which are breathtaking and will give you goosebumps with the dramatic vistas of the coast and the rainforest spreading for miles on end.

You can expect a wide array of wildflowers, rich eucalyptus trees, and dense rainforest foliage filled with wildlife. Keep an eye out for sleepy koalas and other friendly creatures, while you can head to Dolphin Point and try to spot these majestic beauties emerging from the waves.

Image 5 – Noosa, Australia


To justify its well-deserved name, the Sunshine Coast will not disappoint with its range of coastal stretches as far as the eye can see. This is where some of Australia’s finest and most beloved beaches are located, and you should do your best to see them all and dip your toes in the ocean. The first one to stop by would be the Noosa North Shore and Rainbow Beach, from where you can also go to Fraser Island on a ferry.

The shore is a lazy 80-kilometer stretch of glistening sand, where you can enjoy an uncrowded day at the beach, an adventurous 4WD ride (with a permit, of course), and the occasional non-intrusive company of the local wildlife such as kangaroos. For a more bustling experience, but still nothing resembling the Bondi buzz, head over to Mooloolaba Beach, preferably with an empty belly to enjoy the local delicacies by the beach!

Image 6 – Noosa, Australia

Explore the villages

The Sunshine Coast will surprise you with its diversity: just outside of its sizzling beaches lies the Blackall mountain Range in all of its lush, emerald glory. It’s the best way to enjoy some refreshing mountain air while you take your time to explore the villages Montville and Maleny, as well as their surrounding beauty.

From the nearby waterfalls and hidden hike trails, the humble farm life, all the way to artsy studios in the heart of Maleny, you’ll certainly have a day filled with activities to immerse yourself into the local beauty – all of that merely a heartbeat away from the coastal heat.



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