Candace Cameron Bure: First Children’s Book, ‘Fuller House’ Directorial Debut

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Candace Cameron Bure, star of “Full House” and the spinoff “Fuller House,” appears both in front of and behind the camera lens while filming the fourth season of “Fuller House.” Additionally, the actress just released her first children’s book, Candace Center Stage.

In an exclusive interview with SOCIAL, the actress and New York Times Best-Selling author shared the inspiration for the book and talked about her directorial debut in the upcoming season of “Fuller House.”


Congratulations on your debut children’s book! What inspired you to write a children’s book?

CCB: Thank you! I’ve dreamed about writing a children’s book for 20 years, ever since my daughter was born. Reading with and to my children is one of my favorite pastimes. Those moments together were so special with lasting memories. I am so excited for moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, babysitters and friends to make those kinds of memories with the little ones in their lives.

How much were you like the character in the book growing up?

CCB: Not as much as you’d think considering we have the same name. The character Candace in the book has a lot more of my daughter Natasha’s traits and personality! She’s strong, bold, eager and doesn’t like to be wrong!

Was it harder writing a memoir or a children’s book?

CCB: They are just different. Writing a memoir and trade books are much more time consuming because of the length. However, writing a children’s book isn’t as easy or simple as you’d think. Because you have limited words, every word counts! Every word needs to be effective and synchronize with the illustrations. They are both incredibly rewarding but writing a children’s book is definitely more FUN!

When parents are reading this book with their kids, what do you hope they draw from it?

CCB: Ultimately I hope parents will recognize and relish the time they are spending together. There are also little lessons in the book parents can talk to their kids about, like working hard, perseverance, being kind to everyone even if they aren’t kind to you, and being yourself, even if that looks different from others.

What advice would you give to parents who may have a child that doesn’t necessarily blend in with a class like in this story?

CCB: Encourage your children to be themselves because God has made each and every one of us unique, created in His image. No two of us are the same, even if we are twins! We all need to learn to follow rules, but we don’t have to conform to other’s expectations just to make them feel more comfortable.

What can you tell us about your directing debut on season four of “Fuller House?”

CCB: It was extremely satisfying! I have wanted to direct for quite some time, but had to push through my own fears to step out of my comfort zone as well as persevere in my request to be approved. It was as natural as anything I’ve ever done and I look forward to directing many more episodes as well as other shows in the future.

Candace Center Stage is available in stores and online, and the season four premiere of “Fuller House” will air on Netflix Dec. 14.




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