Christmas Gifts for the Artist in Your Life

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Whether the artist in your life is a painter, writer, musician, or any other form of creative professional, you may be contemplating what to get them this holiday season. If you’re on the fence about your gift decision, here are a few tips to help make your shopping adventure a breeze.

A gift card to their favorite store

While gift cards have gotten a bad rep over the years because such gifts don’t take much effort or thought to purchase, they’re extremely helpful and beneficial, especially to artists. Not only can some gift cards be used from the convenience of your artist’s own home, but they can help to get them the specific tools they want or need to improve their craft.

Also, if you buy your writer friend a gift card to his or her favorite coffee shop, that can encourage them to collect a free coffee at the local shop and do work. Spoiler alert: Coffee shops are a creative wonderland for creatives.

And, of course, buying a gift card to his or her favorite store can help him or her save money and purchase a gift that he or she wants, two benefits of gift cards no matter who you’re shopping for.

A free meal at a lively spot

Whether the artist in your life is starving or thriving, a free meal at a lively spot is the perfect gift. Not only does it allow you to spend time with your favorite artist, but it also gets him or her out of the workspace.

Whether it’s at a downtown hotspot, a sushi bar, Korean or Brazilian BBQ, or his or her favorite restaurant, the artist in your life will appreciate a free meal and one-on-one time with you.

Gift a subscription or membership

These can be subscriptions of a month, three months, or even a year. Gifting a subscription or membership, such as a magazine or online publication, a streaming service, or whatever it might be will be a welcomed gift by not just any artist, but by anyone. It will be one less thing your artist friend has to worry about and something he or she uses on a routine basis.

A photo turned into a painting

This is one of the most special and creative gifts you can give to the artist in your life for Christmas. Whether it’s a book jacket photo, a family pic, or a picture of you and your favorite artist, a paint my photos service can turn a picture into a painting. This is also a present your giftee can keep and cherish forever.

Appreciation of his or her art

If you’re looking for a unique holiday present for the writer in your life, then figure out a way to appreciate his or her art. If he or she is a painter, buy a painting. If he or she is a writer, buy one of his or her books, or print out his or her online articles and make a scrapbook out of them.

Artists commonly deal with rejection and stress, but you can help your artist friend this holiday season by putting his or her work on a pedestal. The world needs artists and artists need good friends like you. If you can’t afford to buy a painting, simply telling him or her how good his or her art is and how much you appreciate the artist in your life will be more than enough.

The artist in your life might be tough to shop for, but we hope one of the Christmas gift ideas featured above can help you out this holiday season.

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