Gifts for Your Girlfriend That She Won’t Return

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No matter what stage of the relationship you’re in, buying a gift for your girlfriend can be pretty difficult. For one thing, you never know whether buying her a membership to the gym she wants to go to will make it seem like you think she’s fat. Or if buying her a vacuum will be an insult to her housekeeping skills. But stick with a few key things, pay attention to her hobbies, and steer clear of appliances. This should keep you out of the doghouse every time. And in case you need a little more help, here are some great gift ideas that she won’t want to return.


The first year of any relationship is usually the hardest. You’re still getting to know one another’s quirks and temperaments and all the other little things that make each of you unique. But if you know her well enough to know that you want her to stick around, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. However, if you’re not ready to propose, don’t buy the ring. Stick to earrings and necklaces that are simple, yet classy.

That thing she’s been hinting for

It may sound simple, but a lot of guys overlook the thing she has actually been hinting and asking for. Maybe it’s because they feel they have to surprise her, or maybe they just didn’t pick up on the hint. If she picks up the same Michael Kors bag every time you walk through the department store, that’s a strong hint she’d like to have it. Pay attention. When she says she wants something from you, she probably really does and will be thrilled when she gets it.

Romantic getaway

Traveling together can greatly enhance your relationship. It can get you away from the stresses of work, and give you some much-needed alone time. That’s why you’re sure to make her swoon with a weekend trip for two. And you don’t have to go far or spend a lot of money. Just make sure it’s something she will enjoy. For example, if she is a wine connoisseur, consider taking her to a nearby winery or a seasonal wine-tasting event. Or if she’s an outdoors kind of gal, book a log cabin retreat in the mountains. Almost anything goes if you know her personality.

Coffee subscription

Does your girlfriend thrive on her coffee? Does she stop in at every coffeehouse she sees, no matter the time of day? Then maybe you should consider making her life a little easier by enrolling her in a coffee club. Coffee subscriptions make great gifts for coffee lovers. They can have new and fresh coffee showing up on their doorsteps every month. And you can even get her a coffee grinder or that new coffee maker she’s had her eye on to go with it.

Laser hair removal

Your girlfriend will love you for this one. Almost every girl has a spot or two that they have been longing to make hairless. Imagine the time that could be saved shaving her legs or grooming her eyebrows. In fact, laser hair removal can be a great gift for any of the women in your family.

Dog treat cam

Some of the latest technology are these advanced little cameras where you can keep an eye on your pets while you’re away. They connect to an app on your smartphone where you can see and talk to your dog. They also allow you to pop a treat out of the dispenser remotely whenever you’d like. This function gives the dog more motivation to run over to the camera when you want to check on a pet.

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