Guide for Planning a Minimalist Wedding

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Minimalist weddings are often the most impactful. By having fewer details, but really curating the details you do have, you can create an absolutely stunning wedding with very little fuss. Read on for our top tips for creating a minimalist wedding.

Keep your tables clean and clear:

The fantastic thing about a minimalist style is that it totally eliminates the need for many wedding staples such as table settings. Choose one feature for your tables and leave it at that. As long as the tables are dressed with clean, fresh, pressed linens you really don’t need all of the other bits and pieces.

You could go with one single flower such as a blue hydrangea or a large, white lily and place one in the center of each table. Stylish, classy, clean and fuss-free. The thing is, your guests won’t really take notice of fancy table settings anyway, once they start eating and chatting all they care about is the atmosphere and the company

Choose dreamy colors:

A minimal wedding works so well with romantic, soft, dreamy colors such as pale pinks and eggshell blues. Choose dreamy colors not only for bridal dress, but also for bridesmaid dresses. Imagine your bridesmaids sweeping down the aisle wearing pale blush bridesmaid dresses and holding bouquets of nothing but white roses. Breathtaking, and without unnecessary detail or overuse of color.

Write a list and refine it:

The key to a minimalist wedding is editing. Edit your own ideas and refine them down to the bare basics and key design features. Write a list of what you want and how you envisage your wedding. Write a list of everything this dream will require. Read over your list again and cross off anything which isn’t completely crucial to your dream. Continue to do this until you have a concise picture of your wedding aesthetic, and a refined list of everything you’ll need. This will help you to stay on track without getting carried away and adding unnecessary extras.

Choose one main eye-catcher:

A minimalist wedding style is not a boring wedding style, it’s simply a carefully curated style. To keep things interesting and impactful, choose an eye-catching feature to be the main design aspect of the wedding. It might be the flowers, the way your bar is set out, or a particular lighting design. Just choose one and make it perfect.  

Don’t be afraid to go against the norm:

Stick to your guns with your minimalist wedding style. If your friends have had lots of extravagant details at their weddings, don’t feel like you have to as well. Don’t follow the trends, just do what you feel. If you want long, rustic, bare tables set with nothing but wine glasses and a single vase of bright flowers? Go for it! Don’t feel like you need all the bells and whistles. In fact, you’ll end up saving money, saving time, saving clean-up and saving stress with your clean, refined choices.

 Minimalist weddings can be just as stunning as extravagant weddings. After all, sometimes less is definitely more. Be sure of your aesthetic and stick to it. Pick clean, soft colors and one key feature for impact. Remember that your guests are there to celebrate with you, have fun, catch up with friends and relax, and a minimalist wedding is just perfect for this.

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