Hair Care Solutions You Wish You’d Heard Of Sooner!

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Our hair is the one thing that’s a permanent factor of our beauty. Sure, we can cut, colour, and even style it, but a lot of the things we do to our hair actually causes damage rather than promoting good hair health. Luckily, there are a plethora of ways in which you can ensure that your hair stays as healthy as possible without having to walk around with unruly hair. Check out these hair care solutions you wish you’d heard of sooner!

Look at what you’re putting into your body!

Did you know that the food and drink you’re consuming will in fact, be having a huge effect on how your hair appears? Our bodies crave nutrients and minerals, and if they aren’t getting what they need, it will appear in our hair, skin, and nails. Eat cleaner foods that provide more nutritional value, and make sure you’re getting plenty of water each day. You’ll soon notice that the condition of your hair improves dramatically. Dull hair will become shinier, and it will grow faster if you’re getting the right vitamins into your body.

Choose non harmful methods of styling

It’s understandable that if your hair is rather unruly that you’ll want to style it to keep up appearances. Curling tongs and straighteners are a great way of creating a style that will last the day. However, they do damage the hair because of the heat that you’re applying to it. The hair is dried out and leaves you with styled, but damaged hair. Rather than using regular straighteners, why not opt for steam powered straighteners? They’re a revolutionary solution that allows you to style your hair without the damage! As you may already know, you can also curl your hair using straighteners, so it’s definitely worth the change! Your hair will thank you for it!

Treat your hair to an overnight mask

It’s not just heat that can affect the appearance and strength of your hair either, as brushing can do just as much harm. Unfortunately, if you’ve got thick hair, you’ve not got a lot of choice but to be rather vigorous with your brushing methods. A great way of keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy is by treating your hair to an overnight mask once a month. They deeply condition and while they may not get rid of split ends, they will certainly help reduce the appearance of them.

Have your hair trimmed regularly

Finally, you’ve probably heard your hairdresser recommending you to have your hair cut regularly and thought it was a way of them to get you back in their chair. While this may be part of it, having your hair trimmed regularly will help keep your split ends at bay and also promote healthy hair growth. So, even if you’re trying to grow your hair longer, having it trimmed regularly will help you achieve this much faster!

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