How to Alleviate Travel Anxiety

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For many people, booking a holiday is a time filled with excitement, but for those with travel anxiety, the excitement is soon replaced with feelings of worry and dread. Travel anxiety can relate to many things including being anxious to be away from home or anxious to travel on trains, planes or other public transport. If you want to overcome your anxiety and have a holiday with your family or friends, here are a few tips on how to alleviate your travel anxiety before and during your trip.

Ensure You’ve Covered All Bases

You cannot plan for every eventuality that may occur whilst going on holiday but covering yourself where possible may help take some pressure off. If you have covered all bases before travelling, you will feel safer and hopefully less anxious about your trip. This means purchasing travel insurance in case of injury or illness and knowing how to call emergency services if needed. If you are worried about language barriers, there are many apps that you can download, which can help with common phrases. If you are worried about missing the plane, get to the airport the night before and stay in a hotel to avoid that added stress. If you are flying from London, there is plenty of parking at Heathrow airport if you wish to drive down to ensure you arrive in plenty of time for your flight. For more information on Heathrow airport parking, check out

Plan Your Trip

Many people go travelling or on holiday and wing it as they go along. For people who suffer from anxiety, not knowing where you are going to be staying or what you are doing can sound like a logistical nightmare. If it is better for you to plan your trip, then do so. This doesn’t mean you need to stick to it once you are there, but knowing which attractions you want to visit and what hotels you are staying at can make a huge difference. If big queues and crowds add to your anxiety, book tickets for events and attractions in advance to avoid having to queue. Cramming too much into your schedule may also add to your anxiety, so leave enough time to travel to and from places without having to rush around.

Pack Sensibly

If you are worried that you may forget something, it is a good idea to pack sensibly and make a list. There is no need to overpack, as you will have a baggage limit if you are flying. This can also make it harder to carry, and if you are going to buy souvenirs, you want to leave some room in your luggage for those. Don’t pack last minute, but instead, follow a packing list that includes everything you may need. Remember to include any items that may help with your anxiety, including distractions such as books or puzzles.

Get Some Help

Many people suffer from anxiety and if this is stopping you from travelling, there are many routes you can go down to get some help. You do not need to struggle alone. If travelling or going on a holiday is something that you want to do, you can talk to others or seek advice from your doctor. Many people find talking therapies helpful in dealing with the root of their anxiety. Talk to family and friends, as they may have travel anxiety or know someone who does. Finding coping mechanisms can help you with what is bothering you most, whether this is keeping calm on the flight or dealing with being away from home. If you suffer from panic attacks, this guide can help you to deal with these whilst travelling. Your doctor may be able to offer you some medication if appropriate to help you remain calm during your time away.

Be Ready to Take a Time Out

Whilst you are away it is ok to “miss out” on some things if you are struggling with your anxiety. Overdoing it will only make it worse and you are not missing out if you won’t enjoy the experience. Whoever you are going on your trip with, ensure you speak to them about your anxieties so they understand that you may need support or time alone rather than being coerced into something that you’d rather not do. If you need to take half a day in the hotel alone or you want to get room service instead of going out, this is your choice. Everyone enjoys their holidays in their own way, and if staying in some nights makes you feel more comfortable then, do so.

Travel anxiety can be incredibly frustrating but planning in advance and covering all bases can help alleviate some anxiety before your trip. Remember to seek help if your anxiety is stopping you from planning a trip with your loved ones.


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