How To Host The Best Party Ever

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When it comes to parties, most of us just love getting dressed up and getting out there, having a few (or more) cocktails, and dancing the night away with our closest girlfriends (and even girls that we just met in the bathroom). However, when you have to put a party on yourself, it can be one of the most stressful things ever. How are you supposed to make it a memorable event, and will you really make it to the big day without forgetting something? We’ve made a list, to help you to have a party to remember, so you can relax and enjoy it, just like you usually would! Now, where are the cocktails?

Location, location, location

Look, if you’re putting on a party and it’s in the middle of nowhere, people are going to be less inclined to come. And that’s understandable, as most of us won’t get the metro unless it’s a journey that’s under 20 minutes long. We don’t want to get in a cab for 40 minutes when all we want to do at 3am is sleep. We’ll probably get a fine for dropping chicken on the floor, and talk to the driver about why our relationships have never worked out the way we wanted them to, so please, please, choose a central location in the city. Everybody will thank you for it later.

Get the music right

Ok, so your Uncle Jack is a DJ is he? Loves 80s classics does he? That will be great for your Mom and Dad’s anniversary party, but it won’t cut it when it comes to throwing a party for a bunch of 20- or 30-something year olds (unless you’re hosting a party for the ABBA appreciation society, of course). Music can make or break an event, and you need to get it right, and choose a DJ that will keep people dancing all night. The goal here is that none of the smokers even want to leave for a cigarette, because song after song is bang on.

Get a photo booth

People love photo booths, and there is no better way to document your event than having one for all of your guests. Spice it up a little, get some photo booth props, and see the brilliant (and hilarious) things that come out of it. If you really want to have some photos to remember, look into photo booth backdrops, and make sure that your party snaps are the envy of others for years to come. The other benefit of this is that your photos won’t go straight onto social media, and you can vet them in the morning, which is what we all really want to be able to do after a great party.

Drinks, drinks, and more drinks

Aah, the drinks. When it comes to this, you need to come up with something unique that will make your party memorable (the first half of it, anyway). Whether you have a bartender who can make your cocktails literally set alight before your eyes, or you have cocktail making displays, you need to make your party interesting, and it doesn’t stop at the drinks. Even if you have your own speciality cocktail for the night, like the Fountain of Youth, people will remember this as the day that everybody had that great new tipple. It will work. We promise.

Have fun

The worst thing that you can do as somebody putting on an event is to not have fun yourself. Sure, you have to keep things in order for a while, but you’ve put on this party and spent a lot of time and effort on it, so why not enjoy it? There is no point getting stressed now; as they say, c’est la vie. So chill out, get yourself one of those unique cocktails that you spent so long choosing out, and go and mingle with your guests. If anyone deserves to have a good time, it’s you, girl (and don’t forget to get some photo booth snaps, too).


When it comes to hosting the best party ever, there are some things that you have to remember. The location will be important to your guests, and you need to put your party on somewhere that people can easily get to. Music can make or break your party, and people just love photo booths. We don’t know why, they just do. Getting the drinks on point is also key, and doing something unique will make your event memorable, but the most important thing is that you have fun. Enjoy!


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