How To Perfectly Wear Your Hair Extensions

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There are different reasons why people wear hair extensions. It could be because they want to enhance the volume or the length of their hair. Some want to experiment with different colors of the hair. Hair extensions can be used to hide a bad haircut. They will help to keep your hair looking all good despite the weather conditions your hair is exposed to. If worn well, hair extensions should look natural. The following expert tips will help you to rock your hair extensions perfectly:

Picking the Right Hair Extensions

Consider using the real hair extensions rather than the synthetic ones. Synthetic hair is a lot shinier than human hair and does not have the human hair texture. Another advantage of using human hair over synthetic hair, is that it be heat styled, chemically treated, washed and color treated. Natural hair extensions will give your hair a more natural look. Ensure that you color match your extension with your hair. You do not have to always bleach your hair. You can have an extension that you can color anyhow you want. You can find all types and colors of hair extensions at South Brisbane.

Visit Your Hair StylistHalo Hair Extensions

You have to make sure that the hair extensions blend naturally with your hair. Everyone will notice the fake pieces if you put them wrongly or if they are not well trimmed. If you cannot do a good job, visit your hair stylist to help you out. The stylist will make the extension to blend in well with your hair naturally.

The second step is to brush your hair on the section you want to clip on the extension. Texturize your hair and the extension with hairspray. Once you have clipped in the extension, brush the extension so that it can naturally fit in your hair curls. Repeat the process on every section where you will be placing the hair extensions. Ensure that the hair extensions are well and tightly clipped on your hair.

After you have successfully clipped on the hair extensions on your head, brush the hair all over again. Be gentle while combing the hair, applying too much force might cause the extensions to fall off. Avoid brushing the hair near the scalps. You can leave it straight or curl it using tongs.

Tips For Taking Care Of your Hair Extensions

  1. Wash your extensions regularly with the sulphate free shampoo. Sulphate strips off the natural oils off the hair which causes quick damage to the hair. Remember not to wash it too often. 3 times a week is enough.
  2. Brush your hair extensions regularly using a soft brush. Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. This causes damage to your hair. Do not tug, rub or scrub your hair. It needs a gentle touch.
  3. Keep your hair hydrated. You can apply a few drops of oils such as almond or coconut oil. However, do not overdo it. This will leave your hair too greasy. You can apply the oil once or twice a week.

These tips will help you wear the hair extension perfectly and help you take care of your hair so that it can serve you longer.


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