How to Prevent Yourself from Buying a Disastrous Used Car

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Unfortunately, the term ‘used car’ is often conflated with ‘problem car’, and it puts buyers off some beneficial purchase opportunities. Of course, used cars are really tainted by serious stigma, but this isn’t stopping them becoming more popular in sales than newer cars. While they’re admittedly priced a lot more reasonably, it’s not always enough to convince would-be buyers.

But whose to blame for this stigma? Of course, there is some truth to the notion that second-hand goods can be faulty. Well, in any event, here’s how to prevent yourself from buying a disastrous used car.

Research Your Dealer

The quality of your car will be largely dependent upon the quality of the dealer you do business with. Do they have your best interests at heart, or are they just keen to shift waning stock and turn a profit? Before you deal with anyone with hefty amounts of money, first do your research on them. You shouldn’t exchange a single word until you’re certain that you know what they’re all about.

Customer reviews are a great place to begin your detective work. Binge through them and try to pluck out the naysayers; is the dealer reputable in their eyes? Did they have a problem free transaction? Any issues, any constructive feedback? You could even investigate their legal and public history to unearth any scandals or trading fines. If you bother to compile this information, you better your chances of securing a good deal. If there’s no information on them at all, avoid them.

Research Your Preferred Car

The car you’re interested in will be sold by more than one dealer or manufacturer. There’ll be multiple prices to consider, and the specifications and capabilities of the vehicle may all differ and change depending on whose selling it. Used cars can be sold with a variety of drawbacks and compromises, so really look around so you buy exactly what you’re expecting to.

You don’t have to approach dealers in person to do this just yet. Instead, turn your attention to the all cars listed on their website. For example, if you are looking for used cars NI, you can find a full rundown on all their vehicles specifications and capabilities, ensuring they’re transparent with their customers from the start. If any information of this missing, avoid your dealer. You need to know literally everything about your vehicle before you hand any money over.

Your Own Checks

Of course, there’s only so much user reviews and internet descriptions can tell you. Sooner or later, you need to check things out for yourself. Once you’re inside the dealership, launch yourself into full inspector mode. Don’t hesitate to probe your dealer with questions big or small, whether they’re mildly important or crucially so. The more information you gather, the more you can make an informed choice. 

This is also a good time to assess things more closely. Is the dealer pushy or agitated? This could flag that they’re desperate to sell you a used car that is faulty. Moreover, look at the vehicle itself. Does the car match the images on the internet? Does it look okay to you, or does it have chipped paintwork and dents and scratches? You should be able to take it for a test drive too, so do that to be completely certain that the used car is in working order. If you’re satisfied at this stage, go ahead and sign off on the deal. 


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