How to Wear a Leather Jacket this Winter

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Wrapping up in a nice warm wool coat is ideal at this time of year, but it is not your only option when it comes to winter outerwear. Many women ditch their leather jackets during the winter, but this can actually be a great winter wardrobe staple as when worn correctly it can be warm and, of course, effortlessly cool.


One of the best aspects of a leather jacket is that it is incredibly versatile and can be worn with pretty much anything and even your office wear. During winter, you will want to layer up with cardigans, knitwear and hoodies being good options to add warmth and visual appeal. What you are able to wear under your jacket will depend on the fit and how tight the sleeves are, so try a few different options and if you are buying clothes then take your jacket along to see if you are able to wear it underneath.


One of the drawbacks of a leather jacket during winter is that it will not provide any warmth or protection to your legs like an overcoat would. This means that it is best worn with dark jeans with your base layer tucked in or alternatively leggings and a skirt. If it is particularly cold, you could always wear thermals underneath also.


It is also a good idea to top off the outfit with a few extras, such as gloves, a beanie and a scarf. This can all add colour and style to your outfit while ensuring that you are warm and comfortable despite the lack of insulation from the jacket. Although leather jackets may not be as warm as an overcoat, you can still find ones which are well-insulated especially if it features shearling like the ones available from


Many leather jackets owners are hesitant to wear their jacket during the winter because they worry about the damage caused by rain and dry air. It is smart to be concerned about this as it can be a problem for some garments so always check the label and consider applying a leather moisturising product to protect it from the dry air which can lead to cracks. If your leather jacket is not water repellant then you can still treat it with a protectant for leather or suede – be sure to carefully follow the instructions.

As such a timeless classic, it seems a shame to put your leather jacket away for the winter months. Fortunately, this can still be a great jacket even during the middle of winter provided that you know what to wear with a leather jacket in winter and also that you know how to look after it. This enables you to wear it all year round and wear it no matter what the occasion is.

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