Jane Lynch Shares Christmas Tour Secrets, Holiday Plans

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Jane Lynch, Kate Flannery and the vocal arranger for “Glee” Tim Davis, accompanied by The Tony Guerrero Quintet, are touring the country promoting their holiday album, A Swingin’ Little Christmas.

Before hitting the stage at Kutztown University, the “Hollywood Game Show” host sat down with me to talk about life on the road, what she doesn’t want for Christmas, and her stance on New Year’s resolutions.

Jane, what’s your pre-show ritual?

JL: It’s putting on makeup with Kate Flannery who sings with me up there and we play music. We usually play like the Carpenters or something Burt Bacharach because we love that music so that’s kind of what we do.

What’s it like touring with Kate and Tim?

JL: Oh, it’s the best. You know we’ve got the five guys, too, the band. We’re in a big bus—this is the first time we’ve done it with a big bus since our tour expanded greatly this Christmas season and we’re really enjoying it. I go into my little bunk and I pull the curtains and listen to the news.  We all come out every once in a while and have a little something to eat. We’ve been stopping at Cracker Barrel’s all over this great nation, we love the Cracker Barrel.

What’s your favorite song to perform?

JL: Let’s see—right now, I think my favorite song to perform is “We Three Kings.” We do a Dave Bruback-y kind of jazzy version of “We Three Kings” and it’s really fun to do.

When can we expect a new Christmas CD?

JL: We are not going to get a new Christmas CD. See, the wonderful thing about Christmas records is that you can re-issue them every year. That was the point in doing this. We love Christmas music—all of us, the band, Kate, Tim and I, and we thought it was something we could bring back every season. The great thing about Christmas music is that it endures and you can play it season after season and it never gets old.

Are you getting Tim and Kate a Christmas gift?

JL: Nope, I’m not getting Christmas gifts for anybody. I’m not a giver—I don’t give and I don’t like to receive, either. I like other things in life, but I’m not a present person. Don’t buy me something that I’m just going to have to give to Goodwill—just don’t do it.

What are your Christmas plans?

JL: Well, we get done with this tour Christmas Eve—I’ll be home on Christmas Eve. I usually go to Chicago and visit my family there. Nobody does Christmas like Chicago, it’s the best place to be. But, because we’re finishing on Christmas Eve, I’m just going to stay in L.A. with my family and the four dogs, so that’ll be fun. I’ll have Christmas in L.A. which I’ve only done a couple of times. It’s a weird thing to be in L.A. for Christmas.

Will you be hosting Christmas?

JL: We will be hosting Christmas Day brunch with all the other orphans who aren’t going anywhere.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?

JL: I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I just try to live a day at a time. I don’t plan a year out. I just love like I’m right here with you right now, and this is really lovely.

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