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When it comes to Instagram, there are a lot of different methods you can use to get those coveted real followers, and genuine engagement. Once upon a time, Instagram was a way to share your photos with friends and relatives who you didn’t see often. Then a lot of photographers got in on the action sharing stunning world shots, and now we have people making a living on a per photo basis.

If you are aiming to make the next year on your Instagram the place people want to hit refresh on then here are some slick tips to get you started.

Know your theme. If you are often found working in a coffee shop, start thinking up great ways to feature your coffee, your projects or the different place you are. Or perhaps you have a bit of penchant for a specific color. Try and see how your feed would look in that tone. If you are looking to make some great edits, check out VSCO and ColorStory – both highly accessible and have a whole host of different effects and filters. When you do find the filter that you love, stick with it. It might sound boring but it will bring all of your content together, and it is easy on the eye. Instagram can look messy when the filters don’t match, or it is in general very mismatched per square.

Edit well. As above, find filters that work for you. Don’t be afraid to remove unwanted objects from photos, to throw some new shapes or stickers on to the picture. Some of the most popular Instagram stories are laden with moving parts to keep it interesting for the viewer.

It goes without saying that one great photo is worth ten ‘okayish’ ones. Aim for quality over quantity here. If you are posting new pictures every three minutes you aren’t precisely causing anyone to keep checking your profile for new stuff, are you? You need to give you followers regular enough content, without giving too much away all the time. When you go to an event, take as many photos as you want, but when it comes to posting, pick the ones that are the most aesthetically pleasing.

Who are you talking to? What is your niche? This will have a considerable impact on the content that will garner the most notice for you. After all, it’s the likes and the interaction you want. If you are into health and fitness, share your routine, your meal plans and keep people engaged with your workouts. If you’re into cake, share top tips, great bakes, and some recipes.

Share the love. One of the most delightful ways to gather up your people, likes and start that conversation is by heading off down the hashtag rabbit hole and finding people who make content that you enjoy. Tell them why you like it, answer whatever questions they have asked, double tap and find more people to communicate with.



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