Minty Fresh Methods – A Guide to Keeping Your Teeth Beautiful

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What is it that makes us so sensitive about our teeth and their appearance. It may be because it’s one of the most recognised features about the face, or maybe it’s because we perceive the appearance of our teeth to be a reflection of our hygiene. Whatever the reason, your teeth appearance should be something you take pride in. If you think that it may be too late for your teeth (which is certainly isn’t), or you’re not quite sure where to start – find out some minty methods that will give you a fresher smiler sooner than you think.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is the trend of the minute, and it’s clear to see why. Using teeth whitening kits will dramatically change the appearance of your teeth, in some cases lightening them by up to twelve shades. All other measures are preventative, but only teeth whitening kits will actually allow you to change the colour of your teeth almost immediately. There are a lot of products out there that boast whitening agents, like toothpaste and drinks. Unfortunately these are not effective, despite some very convincing marketing, and only the whitening gel found in teeth whitening kits carry any dental merit. Do your research on all teeth whitening kits, and find one that will give you your confident and bright smile back.

Regular dental checks

We’re not sure who decided that visiting the dentist was a stressful experience, but a visit to the dental Doc should absolutely be apart of your dental plan. During your dentist appointment you will be able to chat about the colour of your teeth with your dentist, who will alert you to the root cause (literally) of any issues that you may be experiencing. Many patients are shocked to find that some dental conditions and decay situations actually discour your teeth quite radically. If investing in teeth whitening is a road you want to go down, regularly check in with your dentist to ensure you are getting advice from an expert source.

Avoiding certain food and drinks

It’s not all good news on the way to whiter teeth. And we’re sure on some level, you know that every item in the fridge isn’t doing your smile any favours. Not all foods and drinks actually contribute to teeth discolouration – but some do more dramatically than others. There are a lot of urban legends about coffee being the main offender, so let’s get to myth busting. High on your hit list should be citrusy fruit, green tea, juice and soft drink. All things in moderation of course, but be mindful of these ingredients and control your intake. Using straws is a good way of bypassing your teeth, and will allow you to indulge in a glass of juice here and there with no worries.

Dental regime

So, what’s your dental regime? Not the one you tell your dentist, but your actual dental regime? It’s recommended that you brush at least twice a day, floss once a day, and use antibacterial mouthwash after you floss. Not only will this keep discolouration and decay at bay, it’s also just a great habit to get into and one that will reduce the likelihood of any issues aside from just discoloration. There is no use spending money on teeth whitening kits if you are not doing the basics.

Dental hygiene and maintaining whiter teeth is all about the long game. Teeth whitening will do wonders, but it is important to keep up with these whitening sessions as often as your kit suggest, as well as tightening up your dental regime.


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