Most Luxurious Vehicles You Need to See What’s Inside

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You’ve probably seen luxurious plane interiors, but cars have never crossed your mind. Not even the used coach built motorhomes come close. This is because not many car manufacturers can even afford to go down this path. Only a select few dare to go to various extremes to meet astronomical customer demands.

Apart from that, there’re some luxurious cars hell-bent on providing out of this world experiences.

Here are some of them.

 The Jaguar Land Rover 2016

This car comes with a whopping 29 speakers to bring out the ultimate surround sound system. That’s not the only outstanding feature in this car. Here are more:

  • The car comes equipped with a footrest for every rear passenger seat. What’s more, they recline and massage you! How cool is that?
  • You can also use the folding table which you can use to place your drink or laptop.
  • You can access the car’s controls from the rear center console. In addition, there’re sockets which allow the passengers to charge any device.
  • Do you need a cold drink? No worries. The car comes with a bottle chiller so you can sip your cold champagne while enjoying the ride.

The BMW 740i

The inside of this car is even more beautiful than the outside. For just $80,000, you can own it and this is what you can expect:

  • The passenger seats at the back can recline allowing a footstool to pop for you to rest your feet on. That’s not all, the seats also have in-built massagers, cooling and heating.
  • Every passenger has their own touchscreen and they can choose to watch their favorite shows or look up directions.
  • With this kind of money, you have the right to change the change the car’s scent. Yes, the scent! With the Ambient Air Package, you can select from up to 8 scents which will change the car’s interior smell. You can even choose from plant and water fragrances or both.
  • The scent isn’t the only thing that can change. You can also play around with the car’s lighting.

 The Force 1 By Henrik Fisker

You’ll need at least $230,000 if you want this bad boy in your garage. However, the money is worth it and this is why:

  • The car oozes luxury starting with the leather seats that also come with a champagne holder.
  • Is your smartphone’s battery low on power? Simply use the car’s center pocket to charge it.
  • Also, expect to find other details such as special pockets which you can use to place your pen and sunglasses.

The Bentley Flying Spur

This silent beast costs $200,000 and that’s without any customization. If you want to customize the car, here’re some pointers:

  • You can install a bottle cooler at the center of the rear seats, but what is a drink without glasses? The Bentley will offer you champagne flutes!
  • You can choose the type of interior you want including the paint.
  • The Mercedes Maybach S-Class Pullman
  • For a limo-like feel, you’ll have to part with at least $567,000.
  • The back part of the car has four seats. One pair faces the other giving it a presidential feel and look.
  • The seats can also recline creating room for champagne flutes and champagne. For extra comfort, there’re pillows.
  • For the lighting, this beast comes with a total of 300 LED bulbs which light up the interior. The driver can also switch between up to seven colors.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom

If you want customizations to the car, prepare to dig up to 30% of the car’s premium price which starts at about $200,000.

Serenity. This what you’ll come across inside the Phantom. This feature includes silk seats with detailed painting. The silk is woven by hand and dyed by hand not forgetting the paint. In short, every silk panel in the car took at least 600 hours of work.

The dashboard is also built using exotic wood to give the car a luxurious finish.

 There you have it. The most luxurious cars with jaw-dropping interiors. Now you know what type of car rules the market, especially when it comes to interior designs. Also, you know the amount of money you’ll need to part with in order to drive one off the showroom.


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