New Year’s Resolutions for the Quality Lifestyle in 2019

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Time flies by and the years seem to slip through our fingers. Before we even knew it, the festive season is upon us yet again and it will soon be time to welcome in 2019. This means that your thoughts will soon be turning to this year’s New Year’s resolutions and your plans for the upcoming twelve months. Before you set anything in stone, take some time to read about a few simple resolutions that will help you live a healthier and better quality lifestyle in 2019:

Strive for minimalism

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As the time reserved for reinventing yourself and making drastic decisions, the New Year is perfect to start striving for a more minimalistic approach to your lifestyle. Many people have misconceptions about what minimalism represents – they believe being a minimalist means that you are sacrificing things and that you aren’t taking advantage of everything that is available in the modern world. However, being a minimalist means that you value yourself more than you value material things. It represents making decisions based on what you need, not what you want, in order to be able to fully enjoy everything that you have, instead of being worried about all the things you don’t. Living a minimalist life will save your time and your energy, it will allow you to refocus and it will help you have a less stressful and more fulfilling 2019.

Always opt for natural and organic ingredients

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Australian women have started the trend of only choosing natural ingredients in their beauty products, which is massively growing in popularity all around the world. This year, you should hop on the organic train as well. While we are all aware of the benefits organic food has for our overall health, we rarely stop to think how natural ingredients could affect our beauty and the health of our skin. Apart from reducing pollution and being environmentally friendly, organic beauty products are healthier for your skin as well. Natural ingredients are milder and gentler on your skin, which reduces the risk of irritation and any other adverse side effects. They are also rich in nutrients, which makes them much more effective in treating skin conditions and properly moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Take care of your health

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In this day and age, we rarely get the time to fully dedicate our attention to preserving and nourishing our health. However, our physical health is one of the biggest contributors to our overall wellbeing and the quality of our lifestyle. That is why you should make a resolution to take good care of your body in 2019. Apart from exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and hydrating properly, it is also crucial to schedule regular check-ups with your doctor, in order to find and treat potential health problems before they even start and increase your chances of living a longer and healthier life. Australia has, for example, developed an effective way of booking appointments with a doctor online via services such as MyHealth1st, which makes finding a good optometrist very simple and convenient.

Learn to celebrate every victory

Whether you woke up five minutes before your alarm and made it to work early or you finally got that promotion you’ve been thinking about for months, you need to learn how to appreciate and celebrate every victory in your life, no matter the size. The truth is, when you find appreciations and reasons to be happy, it will put you in the right mindset to live your best life. It will allow you to see the bright side of every situation and to truly enjoy everything that surrounds you, even if it’s the same people, places and things.

Allow yourself some time to relax

A well as taking care of your physical health, you should devote yourself to nourishing your mental health. No matter how busy your schedule is or how hectic your life gets, make a resolution for the New Year that you will pause everything that is going on for at least ten minutes every day and take time to recharge your batteries. Whether you choose to start practicing mindful meditation, listen to comforting music, read a good book or simply take a long, relaxing bath, promise yourself that you will take some time out of your day to unwind and forget about the stresses of everyday life.

Although there is no need to pressure yourself with the idea that you’ve got one chance per year to make changes in your life, New Year’s seems like the perfect place to start. And after making these great resolutions, you’ll be able to enjoy a healthier and higher quality lifestyle in 2019 and beyond.



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