No Pets Allowed: Why You Shouldn’t Bring An Animal To A Party

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As a socialite, there are never enough hours in a day. One minute you’re out shopping for a new outfit and the next you’re wearing it at a party that night. Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave much time for a man’s and a woman’s best friend: your dog. Having a pet is a great way to unwind after a long weekend of partying, yet you don’t get to see him much.

That’s when the idea pops into your head – you’ll bring him along. After all, he fits into a handbag. However, it’s one of the worst moves any partygoer can make, and here’s why.

You Don’t Want To Be A Crazy Pet Lady

Lots of people at the event have canines, yet they didn’t bring theirs along for the experience. Why? It’s because they aren’t attached to theirs at the hip. Although you may think this is cute, everybody else will judge. The fact you can’t leave the house without bringing your pooch is going to hurt your street cred. Plus, it’s not precisely the fashionable thing to do any longer. Dogs were great companions in Paris Hilton’s era, yet that is in the past. You’ll be the same, which is why a proper date is a better choice.

He May Get More Attention

On the flip side, everyone will love the dog and give it all of their attention. While this seems cool, there is nothing worse than losing a popularity contest to a pooch. Yep, you love it and everything yet it still hurts when the guests prefer talking and making weird faces with him rather than you. It won’t do your self-esteem any good to find out that your “friends” are fickle and will leave you for a dog at the drop of a hat. That’s woof.

He May Not Be Comfortable

With loud music and big crowds, there’s a chance he won’t be comfy in his new surroundings. In this case, he may act out in a variety of ways. Nervous dogs pee all over the place, while anxious ones run off as soon as they get the opportunity. Others may decide to scratch and bite and that can be a problem. Personal injury lawyers sue people for dog bites, especially ones which were your fault. It’s better to avoid legal action altogether by leaving your pet at home where he’s safe and not a threat.

People May Have Allergies

You want to bring him but other guests may not be so sure. Not everyone is a dog-lover as some people suffer from allergies. Simply having a canine in the vicinity may make them cough and sneeze and wheeze. As you can tell, it’s not a good way to spend an evening, particularly when you thought it was going to be pooch-free. Unless the invite says dogs are welcome, you should leave yours at home in case people have an allergic reaction.

Like people, dogs need invites. Otherwise, they are crashing and that’s not cool, people!

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