The Other Side of Santorini: Alternative Things to Do on the Island

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Santorini is always a lovely place to visit. It has beautiful beaches to explore, some fantastic clubs and parties to attend, and a long list of gorgeous, charming villages to visit. Over the years, Santorini has been the prime destination for those looking for an exciting Greek holiday.

However, beneath the layer of its tourism, Santorini has so much more to offer. The island is charming in different ways and there is something to do for everyone. If you don’t want to spend your entire vacation in Santorini relaxing by the beach, here are some other adventures you can have.

Sunset in Oia

Santorini has gorgeous sunsets and all you need to do to enjoy them is find a good spot to relax. Oia is usually the go-to destination for travellers who want to sample the island’s beautiful sunsets. The village itself is renowned for its white buildings and cliff-top location.

Since Oia is so popular, you will find the area a bit crowded near sunset. It is great to watch Oia’s sunset at least once in your trip, but there are other places you can explore for an even more breath-taking view.

The Profitis Ilias Mountains is where you want to be if you are in the mood for a truly majestic view. The mountain is the highest point in Santorini and home to a monastery. Visit the monastery and enjoy the sunset from there. You will have the sunset and the entire island to enjoy.

The Catamaran Cruise

Another thing you should also try when visiting Santorini is going on a cruise. There are a lot of guided tours and cruises to join, but the one to try if you are looking for something special is the Catamaran day-cruise.

The cruise itself is a luxury all-in cruise that takes you across the Aegean Sea to some of the most beautiful spots in the area. The cruise also includes a hotel or villa pick-up and drop-off, so you know you will have a fantastic day.

As mentioned before, the Luxury Catamaran Cruise is how you indulge in great food and wine, warm water and plenty of time to swim, and good company. You will also be visiting beautiful snorkelling spots near Santorini and there is snorkelling gear provided onboard.

Luxury Villas

You don’t always have to go on all-day adventures or schedule plenty of things to do to have fun in Santorini. The island can also be incredibly relaxing, and the way to take in the ambience is by spending your day relaxing in a luxury villa.

A Santorini villa comes equipped with gorgeous pools and other luxury amenities. Some even have their own private beach, so you know you can still have a lot of fun without leaving the property. You can find the best villas to book via BlueVillas.

Villas in Santorini are often better than hotels too. Rather than booking hotel rooms when travelling with friends or family, it is much better to rent a luxury villa and have up to eight rooms to share. The villas are also better located across the island, giving you more access to nearby attractions.

The Long Hikes

Walking is a big thing in Santorini. You can explore nearby villages and get to many attractions by walking, particularly if you stay in a luxury villa located near these spots. Don’t just stop there, though, because you can also go on long hikes and enjoy more of the island.

Hiking can take you to many remarkable places on the island. The Red Beach, Santorini’s hidden gem, is a must-visit if you love hiking. The beach is red due to a geological phenomenon; the way the red beach meets the crystal-clear water is certainly fascinating.

Eros beach is another interesting spot to visit when you love walking. The beach is more secluded than other beaches on the island, so you know you can enjoy a calm and relaxing day here.

You can even explore the village of Pyrgos all day. If you time your visit correctly, you can see the village being lit by small fires on the rooftop of each house. It is a sight worth chasing for sure.

More Food!

You really can’t visit Santorini and have the best experience without sampling its local cuisine. Aside from seafood and dishes cooked for international travellers, there are also authentic Greek dishes that are best tried when on the island.

The Domatokeftethes and Baklava taste even better when you try them in one of the restaurants for locals rather than upscale places near the beach. The same can be said for the island’s fresh cheese, also known as the chlorotyri. Don’t forget to try Sfoungato; everyone loves Sfoungato!

The island has so many things to offer indeed. With these new things to try, your next trip to Santorini will be a trip to remember.

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