Unexpected But Preventable Gambling Problems Among Minorities

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We often hear that people who represent a certain type of minorities, be it the representatives of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, war vets or refugees, tend to be more prone to have problems with certain types of addictions. For example, recent research has shown that bisexual women are twice as likely to misuse opioids whereas African American are sent to prisons on drug charges 13 times more often than White men.
But what about problem gambling? Are homosexual people or Iraq war vets at a greater risk when it comes to this type of addiction?

Problem Gamblers Among LGBT People: A Mental Disorder?

At the moment of writing this article, there are quite a lot of sociological surveys which show that the percentage of problem gamblers among the representatives of the LGBT community outweighs that among people with a heterosexual orientation.
From a scientific point of view, problem gambling is an inability to control one’s impulses when playing the games of chance. And it turns out that homo- and bisexual people are less good at it than heterosexuals.
However, as it was stated by online casino reviews experts at Casino Hex who worked on this material, one should not try to interpret these research findings in a somewhat contemptuous way by suggesting that since the representatives of the LGBT community are found to be less capable to control their impulses, their mental health is, therefore, in a worse condition than when it comes to heterosexual people. When one thinks in this way it is quite easy to make the conclusion that LGBT people are mentally ill and their sexuality is also the consequence of some psychic disorder.
Problem gambling does indeed significantly correlate with gender. It is not a secret that men are several times more often found to be problem gamblers than women. Some psychologists say that these are masculine personality traits that make men get much easier addicted to casino games and other types of gambling.
Men tend to be proud of losing big sums of money as if it is not a problem at all and are, therefore, generally considered to be greater risk takers. Besides that, since men are usually more fond of sports contests which come hand in hand with betting they are more exposed to gambling addiction.
However, in the case of the LGBT community, there might be some other reasons behind the higher rate of problem gamblers among its representatives.

  • The results of scientific research papers say that the representatives of the LGBT community become problem gamblers due to the fact that they more often find themselves in stressful situations when other people treat them in a hateful manner. As a result, gambling becomes a dangerous source of relief for them.
  • Besides that, financial issues are also among the reasons why LGBT members become addicted to playing the games of chance. Transgenders often need money to make a sex conversion surgery while young homosexuals have to get cash to leave an abusive and homophobic household. Alas, gambling gives them a false hope to get rich easily and quickly.

The problem is aggravated by the fact that there are not much addiction recovery centers which will specifically cater to the interests of the LGBT representatives by treating them in a friendly manner.

Why War Vets End Up As Gambling Addicts?

Compulsive gambling is also a problem for the veterans of different military conflicts. Researchers say that in this case gambling is considered to be a cure against boredom which quickly turns into a serious problem of its own.
After returning home, many veterans cannot easily re-adjust to their ordinary lives after having regularly experienced adrenaline rushes at the battlefield. As a result, they look upon casino games and other forms of gambling as a way to bring their interest to life.
Recovery is also problematic for the representatives of this minority since many of them do not want to acknowledge their gambling problems being afraid that they will lose their Veteran Army benefits in this case.

Immigrants Who Lose Everything in One Day

It is obvious that immigrants are also exposed to a wide range of stress factors, including the loss of family support, difficulty speaking in a foreign language, unemployment and lifestyle changes, to name a few.
Besides that, different cultures have their own view of gambling and luck. If one comes from a country where gambling is considered to be a part of the culture or there is a belief that certain numbers or colors are more “lucky” than others, this can also lead to riskier betting.
Many pieces of research acknowledge that after spending all of their hard earned money in a single gambling session immigrants tend to feel shame, which makes their recovery and adjustment in a new place more difficult.

Responsible Gaming Is Part of An Answer

As you can see, there are significant problems with gambling addiction across many different types of minorities. The fact that people are not willing to get help out of shame or since they are afraid to be mistreated or lose their benefits aggravates this problem to a considerable degree.
Hopefully, at least in the online casino industry, there is a decisive move toward introducing responsible gaming practices.
Today, at a high-quality casino website you will typically have a chance to:

  • Exclude yourself from playing any games of chance at the web casino where you are registered;
  • Introduce play limits so that you will be suspended at a particular moment of the game with a reminder message;
  • Receive reality checks which will show for how long you have already been playing.

The measures like these are seen by many experts as an effective method to help minorities cope with problem gambling in an efficient and readily available way.

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