Why a Girls Trip is the Answer to Everything

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Racing around all the time, we as women often get caught up in our everyday routine of being the wife, the mate, the mom, the Uber driver, so I have one question for you. Who are you? Do you even remember? Well, here are two words to give yourself a fun and friendly reminder…Girls Trip!

Girls trips help you get back to who you were before you became someone else’s everything. Here are a few reasons why girl’s trips can be just the answer you need.

Being Your  Truest Self

You deserve some time to simply be you. So, you wanna be a potty mouth? No kids around, so go for it. No husband around either, to look at you and wonder who is this sailor, and where is my wife? You are with your girl, which officially means a no judgement zone. You spend so much of your life being the best career woman, mom and/or wife anyone could possibly wish for, so it’s more than okay to take a few days to be your truest self. Moments of imperfection are welcome, because as often as you fly around being Superwoman, you are deserving of some time to remove the cape and have a martini, or two, or three.

Low Key Therapy

Whether it’s to talk about a goal not yet reached, your relationship or simply your frustration with a new policy at work, your girls can be some of the best therapists around. They will certainly listen, and without a doubt offer their opinions whether you want them or not. This group of ladies may not have all the answers, but one thing you know for certain is that they love you, and whatever responses you get will be with the best intentions for you in mind.

Fun Girl

That girl that was the life of party, always laughing…yeah, that used to be you, but guess what that’s still you! She’s in there, and your girls are the ones to bring her out. There is just something about being with that special group of ladies that taps into the silly, the fun and the carefree side of most women. Girls trips are the perfect opportunity to get in the gut wrenching laughter that every woman needs in their lives to remind them that they are still alive, and there is a lot of life still worth living.

Sexy Time

There’s no sexier feeling than getting all dressed up, in your hottest outfit, to hit the streets of a new town with all your girls in tow. You must admit, it’s always a little Sex in the City, when you get to strut around in heels and lipstick looking for your next adventure. This is the time you can redeem yourself for all the times you leave your house wearing leggings, and workout clothes (when you’re not even working out).

Feeling like the sexiest female army is indeed empowering, and the turning of everyone’s heads simply reminds you of how badass you all truly are. And so, you see, with a girls trip, you can recapture everything life tricked you into thinking you’d lost. Your independence, your fun side, the daring you, the sexy you, it’s all in there, you just need a little boost from your girls as a reminder. So, what are you waiting for? Go book that trip and have fun!

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