3 Ways to Tackle Work Stress in New York City

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Everything moves at a faster pace in New York City, be it work, social life, and everything in between. With that being said, sometimes work can be a bit too much and cause strain on your mental health and general well-being. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like there is anything you can do but to tough it out and ignore the feeling that you are being drowned in work. Toughing it out might not be the best call though. There are tons of strategies that can help you get through your slump. It just takes knowing yourself and having the resources.

Therapy is always an option

The stigma surrounding mental illness often keeps people from seeking help that they need. This can especially be true in cities with competitive work environments such as New York City. You may love your work environment, but feel trapped sometimes and unable to let your colleagues know that you’re struggling. Stress can build on busy weeks or during the holidays when you want to relax. Speaking to a therapist can help you to clear your head and get to the root of what is actually bothering you. NYC therapists know the pressure that high-intensity jobs put on people in our  city.

Therapy also gives you an objective third-party person to speak to about your work struggles. Maybe your stress is coming from not being able to speak openly with others at work about your feelings. Having someone to help you organize your thoughts could have a significant impact that will positively benefit your attitude and career.

Start your day off right

Starting your day off right might mean starting with coffee or yoga. Whatever it is that helps you gear up for the day, make time for it in the morning. This isn’t a cure for your work stress, but this does set the stage for health choices throughout the day. Starting your day off by touching base with your friends or family can also help you feel prepared for whatever the day may bring. The important thing is that you aren’t groggy or frustrated at work first thing in the morning. If you are in a positive mood, it will be more difficult for  stress ruin your day. This is a simple tip that should become a daily habit.

Also, put your laptop and phone down when you aren’t at work. If your work doesn’t allow you to completely tune out after hours, another option is to carve out an hour or two of protected time. Once you walk out the door at work, take your free time seriously. This is a practice that will begin to train your mind to not think about whatever was stressing you out at work. Being stressed while not working will just make you irritable and stressed about other areas of your life as well. This goes for the morning too—don’t wake up and check your email after you’ve had some relaxation time.

Give yourself a break

As mentioned previously, put the laptop and phone away when you aren’t at work. This is a mini break that you can give to yourself every single day. Sometimes though, this doesn’t stop the stressful thoughts or worries that cloud your mind during a busy week. This might mean you need to take a more drastic break, such as an evening or weekend away. If it is a busy week and you can’t put the laptop down, use your weekend as a motivation. Plan a day trip where you leave behind electronics and spend time in nature. You might be surprised by how much of a positive impact this may have on mental clarity and stress levels.

Whatever happens at work, be someone who takes the initiative to reduce your stress levels and better your life. Take control of your mental health by practicing these tips when working in busy New York City.


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