5 Amazing Health Benefits of the Keto Diet

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There has always been an element of controversy when it comes to low-carb diets, with many people claiming that these types of diets cause heart disease and raise cholesterol levels because of their high fat content. However, there are plenty of scientific studies that show how beneficial and healthy low-carb diets can be, including the keto diet. Here are just five amazing health benefits of the keto diet.

Reducing Your Visceral Fat

While you’re probably already aware how great the keto diet is for those wanting to lose weight, you may not know that it can also help you lose visceral fat much greater than a standard low-fat diet. Visceral fat is the fat that is below your subcutaneous fat. This type of fat surrounds important organs such as your liver, pancreas and kidneys, and helps protect them. Your doctor will be able to estimate your visceral fat from your weight measurements or total body fat. If they are at a normal level, there is no need to worry, however, if you have a high level of visceral fat, it may increase your risk of having a stroke, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, the keto diet is so beneficial for many as it can help protect you from developing any of these conditions. Those on the keto diet often share their success stories and end up having a much trimmer body than ever before.

Improving Your Mood and Hunger Levels

Breaking free from your sugar addiction can be challenging. However, once you adopt the keto diet lifestyle, you should begin to see your hunger levels drop. As you will be less obsessed with foods full of sugar, this means you’re less likely to run to the fridge and indulge on sweet treats. Because the keto diet contains a range of good fats, this will keep you feeling fuller for longer. In many cases, this can make the reduction in calories much easier to handle than if you were following a standard low-fat diet. Once you have kicked your sugar addiction, you will see a wide array of health benefits thanks to the keto diet.

Enhancing Your Memory

Another health benefit when following the keto diet is the ability to counteract the effects of migraines, epilepsy and other neurological conditions. The keto diet can also reduce inflammation which can have a fantastic effect on your condition. Keto can also reduce symptoms of brain fog and help improve mild cognitive impairment. As ketones are a much more effective energy source for your brain than glucose, they act as a powerful antioxidant which helps protect your brain cells. Many people who choose the keto diet may see an improvement in their memory.

Improving Oral Health

Plaque forms on your gums when the bacteria that lives on your teeth consume carbs. This type of bacteria then converts these carbs into harmful acids that can cause major damage to your teeth enamel. Not only this, but it can go on to develop deep below the gum line as well as on the tooth. By following the keto diet, you will be avoiding sugary drinks, fruit juices and sticky food which means that your teeth will not be bathed in a coating of sugar that can take many hours to remove. You will no longer be throwing a party for the bacteria living in your month, instead, you should be eating plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain fiber, which helps naturally clean your teeth, leaving them feeling fresh and most importantly, healthy.

Helping Reduce Acne

As mentioned earlier, those who follow the keto diet can expect to see an anti-inflammatory effect on their body. One of the most visible signs of this is the improvement of acne on the skin. If you suffer with acne as an adult, it can be incredibly embarrassing and severely impact your day to day life. Adult acne can be caused by many reasons such as a hormone imbalance like PCOS or the beginning of the menopause. When moving to keto, symptoms of PCOS or the menopause can improve significantly because it helps to balance your hormone levels. You will also find it much easier to control your weight, which is usually much more difficult because of the fluctuations in your hormone levels.

Getting Started

With so many health benefits that come hand in hand with the keto diet, it’s now time to get started and on your way to feeling healthier and happier. Be sure to check out valuable resources like the KetoLogic website where you can read about how to boost your ketones with KetoLogic BHB. There are plenty of different supplements to check and try out which can have massive health benefits and leave you feeling more positive.  KetoLogic also have plenty of recipes to help you get started on your keto diet the right way.

There are all sorts of reasons why people decide to go on a diet. Whether it be to lose some weight, reduce their appetite, improve fitness levels or to enhance memory, you should always consult with a doctor first before you begin the keto diet. Getting advice from a specialist can be incredibly useful and assure you whether the keto diet is right for you.

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