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5 Essential Rules to Help You Choose the Sofa That’s Right for You

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Choosing the right sofa can mean countless hours perusing the internet and Pinterest, trying to pick a style, then many more hours driving from store to store seeing each model in person and taking them all for a test run. If you want to narrow down the choices quickly, and without all exhaustion of running to eight different stores, here are five essential rules to help you choose the sofa that’s right for you.

  1. Color

Color may play a big factor in choosing the right sofa for your space. If the sofa will be in a family-friendly home and you have children who will play on and around the sofa, lighter colors may not be the best option. White and light tan colors may work better for those who won’t have to worry about the lighter color getting dirty. However, if you are set on having a lighter color to keep a room light and bright, if you don’t mind washing slipcovers, these colors may work for a family. Color may also come into play if the room already has darker features like wood paneling or wooden beams along the ceiling. Having a lighter color may brighten up a darker room, while if you wanted more contrast in a white or very bright room, something darker may suit that space better.

  1. Fabric

Fabric choice is another factor when picking a sofa. A more durable fabric like canvas or corduroy might be great for a playroom where multiple children are often playing or bouncing along the couch. For something a bit more fashionable for use in a trendy New York City apartment, there are options like tweed, crushed velvet, or refined linen. A Plain fabric may give a cleaner look to the room, while a patterned fabric might add a bold touch or a bit of personality. Patterns can also hide any light scuff marks and be a bit more forgiving in that respect. They also won’t show any creasing like a linen fabric cover would. Creasing can occur from regular sitting and wear.

A treated fabric like one that has Scotchgard protection is good in both situations with children and without. Hosting a party and having a glass of red wine spilled on a new white sofa would be a bad time for everyone. Considering the best fabric choice is for a given area is something to reflect upon very carefully.

  1. Home

The area and type of home you own will also be a factor in sofa choice. A mid-century modern home will need a more unique couch than a typical colonial. Mid-century modern homes might require a very boxy sofa with wooden legs where a colonial might warrant a plush oversized model with a slipcover. For an older colonial that dates back a few hundred years, even an antique sofa in a pattern typical to that time period would be a perfect way to honor the home’s heritage and a fun way to pick something a little more unique.

Homes also come in all varieties and sizes. A smaller Cape home would require a much smaller sofa than a five-bedroom colonial. Room size is also going to dictate what size the sofa should be and if a sectional is an option, two smaller apartment style couches, or maybe a combination of a three-seater and a love seat.

  1. Style

Personal taste and style will also determine what the best choice might look like.  If style tends to run a bit more edgy, a fun color or print might be great. If you like clean lines and textures, a simple slipcovered couch might be more appropriate. Your home style might factor in here as well as personal style. Do you want the couch to be more your personal taste or fit in with the style and drama of the home more? The house may lend itself to a specific type of furniture or a certain sized based on which room it might be in. Personalization may also be a factor here since a playroom style might be different than a formal living room. Both rooms have different functionalities and feel to them, and both would require a different feel for the sofa being chosen for that particular space.

  1. Budget

The amount one is willing to spend on the piece will also determine what types of places you might be looking for the sofa at. Browsing online retailers like this website you can get a clear idea of exactly what you can get in your price range. Don’t let the budget scare you off if you are wanting a custom or higher end version. Locations will always have promotions during the year that you can take advantage of. Time your purchase accordingly, if you know there might be a sale coming up, or if a retailer offers mailed coupons during the year or some sort of store credit. Sample sales would be another option for those looking for more upscale look without paying the full retail price.

In Conclusion

Buying a sofa doesn’t have to be as daunting or as long a process as it used to be when visiting multiple showrooms was the only option. Online options have surpassed the outdated driving around all day version of shopping for furniture. Many retailers will have free fabric samples available for you to consider before even stepping foot inside, so you can see how something would work with your current wall color and personal style.

Let your personality guide you. There are options for every type of home and every type of setting. Your living space will set the tone, but let the fabrics and colors make a name for themselves and really liven up the area. Work within the space parameters and the budget but allow yourself some creative freedom to express yourself as well. A new couch can be a fun piece of art and really speak to who you are, as well as a comfortable place to sit and play.

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