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5 Essentials for Creating a Hollywood Glam Inspired Home

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Hollywood has always been known for the glitz and glam, a place where dreams come true as easily as they get shattered into a million pieces. In Hollywood, everyone wants to be a star and live like Marilyn Monroe or Humphrey Bogart. When you see the apartment of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you can’t help but imagine what it would be like to bring just a piece of that nonchalant luxury into your home. Through works of Haines, Shields and Draper that have shaped the Hollywood home style in the mid-to-late 1930s, you can find loads of inspiration to make your home a Hollywood-worthy one. Here are some essentials to start with.   

Wall decoration

In a fabulous Hollywood home, even the walls can’t go unnoticed. In a Haines-inspired manner, you could paint the walls with a dash of feminine boudoir, embracing salmon colored details and crown molding. Antique white is the color you would want for detailing. If you are willing to go more with the Dorothy Draper style, freshening up the dark and tired period styles with coats of white paint and black lacquer seems like just the thing she would do. Don’t forget the oversized botanical prints and stripes for a complete look.

Be careful not to exaggerate with the wall color, since Hollywood glam is all about details. The elaborate wallpaper is just a part of this decorating style and should match the mirrored surfaces and embellishments, which every Hollywood-worthy home should have.

King-sized upholstery bed

Thinking about Hollywood makes you think BIG. When in doubt, always consider one rule – bigger is always better. If you opt for choosing a bed, it’s essential to take up more space than you actually need. Could you imagine Rita Hayworth in Pal Joey sleeping on anything less than the broad, pompous, upholstery bed? You too can enjoy this luxury with a curved, upholstered and tufted sleigh bed set up as a focal piece of your bedroom interior. Bringing Draper back to the scene, you can add a contrast of black and white lacquer for the rest of the room’s furniture.

Remember to include a dressing table in a white lacquered note just to make the bedroom design more complete. A Hollywood icon of your choice can be honorably framed and hanged just above your dreamy, Hollywood Regency-styled bed.

A luxury spa

If you are in for the complete Hollywood experience, then a touch of bathing luxury must be included. Imagine walking someone through your beautiful Hollywood-designed home, and finishing it off by uncovering a secret swimming area hiding in your bathroom. If you have a big backyard, then this is the perfect place for a surprise like this, as well. The Hollywood experience could not be complete without luxurious swim spas, a form of comfort for both you and your friends to enjoy. Since this kind of spa can be fairly expensive, be careful to choose reliable spas made with the highest quality materials. You should aim for the optimum thickness and perfect water flow, because you deserve nothing less. You are a Hollywood star in your own home, so act like one!

Spas are better than swimming pools at least for one reason – they help you wash all your worries away. Swim poles and handles can be added so that beginner swimmers can easily manage. Depending on how much space you have, you can choose anything from a 3- to an 8-seater.  

A colorful blend

What adds most to the luxury of the Hollywood Regency style is the eclectic mixture of different elements that you can’t imagine putting together, until you actually do. Combining your wall decoration, upholstered headboard, spa elements and crystal chandeliers can be difficult, but this is why only a few interior designers have been able to accomplish such a feat in a more than successful manner.

The mastery lies behind the mismatched color game – nothing goes with anything, yet everything blends perfectly. Hollywood Regency homes are rich with royal blues, bright reds, polished golds and emerald greens, and there’s a reason for it. These colors have been the trademarks of luxury throughout the ages, and still count as majestic style elements of every Hollywood home.


Adding a bit of high drama to your home is a moment of Hollywood glam guaranteed to leave the best impression. Once again, follow the simple rule – the bigger, the better. A giant hanging chandelier is very welcome right in the hall, just after your entrance door, and in any other room, for that matter. You can’t make a mistake by putting too many lights on. Remember that Hollywood loves to shine, so your home shouldn’t shine any less than Hollywood Boulevard.

When choosing your perfect chandelier, think about crystals. Not only do they shine beautifully and make a wonderful décor element, but they are great light reflectors. You have never found yourself in a dimly lighted room with a chandelier, have you?

Don’t forget to find good interior designers to help you make every corner of your dream Hollywood home a reality. Design yourself a home so that your dreams can be jealous. You deserve it.



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