7 Must Have Things for Travelling

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They say that travelling is food for the soul. Whoever “they” are, they’re definitely on to something. Travel is a great way to break routine and see the world from a brand new perspective. Stunning weather and breathtaking vistas are just two of the many reasons people decide to take a break from their regular lives.

As magical and wonderful as travelling is, it isn’t an entirely leisurely activity in and of itself. You’ll have to contend with schedules for your means of transportation, worry about your food & lodging, and of course keep yourself safe the entire trip. Just because you’re on a vacation doesn’t mean you’re impervious to the dangers of the world. Your first few trips you’ll quickly realize you could have packed a thing here and there that would have make your vacation much more comfortable.

What are these things, you may ask? Well, I’ll give you seven right now:

Rolling Luggage With A Hard Shell

While you might not consider it now, after a long plane or bus ride you’re going to be absolutely exhausted and hardly in the mood to carry around a heavy suitcase. Investing in a rolling luggage allows you to move quickly and without wasting valuable energy that you may or may not even have available to use. The reason why I suggest a hard shelled luggage is that if you end up in the rain all of your belongings will remain warm and dry.

Backpack or Day Bag

If you have a day filled with activities with little opportunity to go back to your hotel room, you’re going to wish you had a sturdy backpack to bring with you throughout the day. I strongly suggest going with a two-strapped option so it both stays on your back easily and doesn’t contribute to back pain after wearing it all day. You may be in a warm climate where carrying around extra bottles of water will end up being a lifesafer and even save you from buying overpriced water on a tour. Having a solid day bag packed with all the things you’ll need will make sure you are completely prepared for anything that might happen to you during your day.

Money Belt

They might seem bulky or a little dorky, but imagine how dorky you’ll feel going in to your local embassy to report your passport as stolen. If you’re somewhere in transit between two destinations, there might not be an entirely trustworthy place to leave your belongings and then you’ll have to contend with the stress that your money and passport might not be there when you get back. A money belt is intended to be worn underneath your pants and will protect you from pickpockets as well as protect your belongings from being accidentally misplaced.

Beach Tent

Staking your claim at the beach is all about presence. Part of that is having more than just a towel and sunscreen laid down. Not only that, a beach tent offers you shelter from the sun so you can stay at the beach for as long as you’d like. They come in many shapes and sizes, so to help you narrow down your choices I’d suggest going to https://seasideplanet.com/best-beach-tent-complete-reviews/ and picking out one that best suits your luggage size and needs at the beach. Sunburn is no joke, one of these tents can really make your trip more luxurious.

Comfortable Shoes For Every Occasion

Shoes take up a lot of space in a bag and after you wear them they’ll be dirty and in no condition to go back into the bag without ruining everything else inside. You should bring along one pair of multi-purpose shoes that are useable whether you’re in the city, countryside, or hiking up a mountain. You never know where you’ll end up during a day of spontaneous activity so pick a shoe that can fit in as many social situations as possible while still being functional.

Jacket With Zip Pockets

You’re going to receive tons of noteworthy documents like bus schedules, maps, and train tickets that you shouldn’t end up losing. Your jeans might not be adequately prepared to keep all of these things firmly inside their pockets, leading to stress and embarrassment when the conductor asks for your ticket and you realize it must have fallen out somewhere on the platform. Pick one that is serviceable for the climate you’re going in while still giving you some added security.

First-Aid Kit

Getting some minor cuts and scrapes is just a part of being an adventurous human being. You should have a first aid kit in your bag complete with bandages, dressings, scissors, and some disinfectant at bare minimum. If you’re in the middle of the jungle and get a cut, being able to disinfect it and cover it up can be the difference between a week of minor discomfort or a week in the hospital with a major infection.


There are way more items than this that can make your trip much more relaxed, but hopefully this list has served to get the juices flowing as far as what can possibly happen to you while traveling. You need to use the space inside your luggage as efficiently as possible to be prepared for as many different situations as possible that might arise. Prioritize items that are functional, small, and absolutely necessary. Redundant or duplicate items can be left at home, each inch is precious.

Safe travels!

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