7 things you need to know as a study abroad student in the US

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Venturing into a new country to study can seem daunting at first, but it is an exciting thing to do. Studying abroad means you will get to experience a foreign culture first hand. A lot of new things await you and it is best to be prepared. Here are 7 things that you need to know before you go to study abroad in the US.

Americans use the imperial measurement system

Unlike most of the world, the americans do not use metric system. Before travelling to the US, it is best  to familiarize yourself with inches, yards, ounces, gallons, miles, and other units in the imperial measurement system. A measurement converter app may come in handy during your first few months in the US.

America operates at a different voltage

All electrical systems in the USA operate at the standard voltage of 120 V and at the frequency of 60 Hz. If you come from a country where the standard voltage is 220V, than a voltage converter (or several) will be necessary for your electronics to operate. Also, keep in mind that the sockets may be of a different type than you use in your home country.

You may encounter a language barrier at first

It is not uncommon for people to experience some language difficulties when they find themselves in a new country. This language barrier can make your studies more difficult at first. To make things easier, it is not uncommon for students to seek outside help with their assignments. If you find your assignments hard, do not hesitate to get assistance from a college paper writing service. There are professionals out there that can help you make studying abroad an enjoyable experience.

The meaning of “How are you?” phrase

Although it may sound as a question, “How are you” is a form of a greeting in the US. When someone tells you “How are you?” they usually mean “Hello” and do not necessarily expect you to answer the question. A simple, “I’m fine, thanks. How are you?” will usually do the trick and the conversation can continue.

Know your rights

When going to a new country, familiarizing yourself with its laws and regulations can be of great benefit. This knowledge can help you get out of sticky situations, and more importantly, not get into them in the first place.

Casual attitude in classes

Americans have a relatively relaxed attitude when it comes to the educational process. There are different professors out there, however, mostly, the material is taught to students in a laid back manner. Classes in the US colleges are also a great place for a discussion on the subject you are studying. Casual attitude in classes does not mean that the study process as a whole is relaxed. Students must submit their assignments on time and make sure they do not fall behind. Also, the dress code in american colleges is pretty liberal.

Popular American sports

Americans love American football, basketball, and baseball. Like in most sports around the world, games can go on for several hours. Attending a live game is a great way to spend time with your friends.

All in all, the US is a great place to study abroad. Remember to bring a voltage converter with you to recharge your devices. Get to know the imperial measurement system. Create exciting and memorable experiences while watching the americans play their favorite sports. You can have a great time in America, but remember that you come there to study, so make sure to submit your assignments on time. Remember that there are more ways to greet someone in America than a plain “Hello”. Good luck with your studies in the US. Make the most out of your experience!


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