8 Tips to Speed Recovery after Exercises

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Rest and recovery play a significant role in any workout routine. Your post-exercise recovery routine allows you to train more effectively and has a big impact on your sport performance and fitness gains.

However, it is worth noting that very few people have incorporated an after exercise recovery plan into their workout routine. This means that most people don’t get the most out of their workout plan.

This post will give you some easy and effective post-exercise tips to help with your workout plan. Read on and be on the top of your game!

Importance of Recovery after a Workout

Post-exercise recovery is not only essential to tissue and muscle repair but also aids in strength building.

If you are a heavy weight lifter, your muscles will need up to 48 hours to rebuild and repair. Working on the body tissues too soon after a training session can lead to tissue breakdown instead of the expected muscle building. It is therefore essential that you avoid the same muscle groups two or three days in a row!

There are so many post-exercise recovery tips that can help get your body back in order. This post has highlighted a few;

  1.    Replace lost fluids

You may not know this yet, but a lot of fluid is lost during exercises. Ideally, these fluids should be replaced during the workout. However, this is not always possible and hence filling up after the workout is an easy and effective way to boost the recovery.

According to experts, water plays a very significant role in our bodies since it supports the metabolic function as well as nutrients transfer.

Having plenty of water is therefore essential since it will help boost the various body functions.

A lot of fluid is lost during the many hours of sweating, and hence you should consume a lot of water to replace the fluid.

  1.    Healthy recovery foods

What to eat after exercises

A lot of energy is depleted during exercises.

For your body to recover, repair worn-out tissues and develop strong muscles, this energy must be replaced.

This is especially important when performing endurance exercises on a daily basis or are just trying to build muscles.

Usually, you should eat within one hour after the workout session. Make sure to include some complex carbohydrates and some of the best protein powders for muscle repair and development.

  1.    Perform active recovery

Performing active recovery is probably one of the best ways to help boost your recovery after that gym or workout session.

Easy and gentle body movements help boost blood circulation which in turn boost the flow of nutrients and other body products such as waste materials from one part of the body to another.

This means that the body products and nutrients can reach the designated regions faster and hence improved body function.

Researchers believe that this helps repair and refuel the body tissues and muscles faster.

  1.    A massage session

Massage therapy-

Well, we could all do with a massage session. Massage not only makes us feel good but also improves the blood circulation while at the same time relaxing the mind.

The best thing about this is that you can easily self-massage yourself or try some Foam Roller Exercises. This will not only save you money but also help ease the tight muscles allowing them to relax and recover.

  1.    Yoga


Yoga is another sure way of recovering after that long and tiring gym session.

According to experts, yoga not only increases body flexibility but also teaches proper body control and breathing techniques.

Also, yoga helps boost the blood flow, hence allowing your body to repair the worn out muscles and tissues.

  1.    Swimming

Well, it turns out swimming is an excellent low-impact exercise or workout option!

Swimming not only allows your body to be ‘’weightless’’ but also stretches your body and uniquely relaxes your joints.

Also, the water pressure helps boost blood circulation in the blood vessels, heart and the muscles.

  1.    Supplements

Supplements for workout lovers can help treat the various types of ailments such as immunity and inflammation.

However, before using herbs for your post-exercise recovery, it is crucial that you consult with your doctor since what may work for one person, may not work for someone else.

There are so many types of herbs that can help with body recovery. For instance, ginger and lemon are thought to help eliminate muscle soreness and inflammation.

Glucosamine, on the other hand, is known to ease tight muscles hence boosting their functionality.

It is also believed that some supplements such as the baker’s yeast beta glucan can significantly boost the immune system.

  1.    Rest and sleep

This might sound obvious, but you may be surprised to hear how many people do with less than 5 hours of quality sleep.

Sleep not only help your body to relax but also allows your body to restore itself. According to experts, not getting enough sleep for an extended period can affect your mental breakdown hence negatively impacting your workout drive.

Try and get at least seven hours of sleep on a daily basis. If necessary, make some changes in your daily routine so that you can get to bed earlier.

For instance, you can set a time limit on your TV or any sort of technology for that matter.

As you now already know, post-exercise recovery is an essential component for any workout or fitness-related undertaking.

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to get better, faster or stronger, you will need to incorporate the above tips into your workout life to ensure that you get the desired results.


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