A Guide to Organising an Outdoor Event

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The great Australian summer heralds a whole host of outdoor events; weddings, corporate events and groups of people who just want to have a good time are all looking to organise a summer social gathering. If you are tasked with the responsibility of organising an outdoor event, here is a useful guide to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

  • Marquee Hire – It is essential to have a covered area and a marquee hire takes the stress out of providing the right environment. Typically, the online supplier of marquees would have a wide range of units, along with a selection of accessories – you can even hire a sound system and a dance floor! Such is the hospitality industry, you can acquire all your party needs from a single supplier, from the marquee down to the dining utensils, plus a lot more.


  • The Entertainment – Whatever the occasion, you will need suitable entertainment, which might come in the form of a live band, or perhaps hire a local DJ to handle the music. You know your guests, and by arranging for an experienced band or DJ, you can focus on other aspects of the party, of which there are many.


  • Food & Drink – The ideal menu would be a buffet selection and unless you happen to have a big kitchen and a few helpers, outsourcing the catering will take a lot of the pressure away from you. Ice is something you will need and it is always a good idea to overestimate your needs, as nothing quells a party like running out of ice, especially in the hot summer months. The bar is another area that you could outsource, unless you enjoy hosting and being the bartender, just make sure you have an adequate supply of a range of drinks and an endless supply of iced beer.


  • Parking – It is easy to overlook parking facilities, and by calculating the number of vehicles, add a few extra, just in case. If the party is at home, make sure you invite all the neighbours, or at least apologise in advance for the number of cars in the road. Make sure you also inform all of the guests regarding the party venue, which should come in the form of a map enclosed with the invitation.


  • Essential Lighting – LED solutions will provide you with the general lighting, which can also be hired from the party supplies company, along with the many other essential you might require. You can buy solar powered ground lights that automatically come on at dusk, and a few scattered around will add a touch of warmth to the ambience.


  • Overnight Accommodation – It might be necessary for some of your guests to stay over, so make sure you have that covered. If you don’t have the room at home, source a nearby hotel and ask for preferential rates. Any guest who is a little worse for wear should have an alternative to driving home and the sign of a good host is having the foresight to cover every eventuality.

Whatever the reason for the celebration, you can acquire everything you need from an online party supplies company, who will deliver your items in time for the big occasions. This allows you to focus on being a good host and when the party is over, the hire company will come and collect their items.

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