How far Is Michigan From Georgia by Plane?

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If you’re itching for a vacation but don’t have a full week to spare, consider a fun-filled long-weekend getaway with a short plane trip to one of the many destinations Michigan and Georgia have to offer. If you were to drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Grand Rapids, Michigan, it would take you approximately 12 hours over 800 miles one way, so factor in the cost of three meals and possibly a few extra nights in a hotel room when weighing whether to drive or fly.

When flying between these two destinations, you can get a reasonably-priced nonstop flight that will take roughly 2 hours one way, leaving you plenty of time to explore. Though Grand Rapids is the gateway to many attractions throughout the Great Lakes region, you might save money flying in and out of Detroit, which is also roughly 2 hours from Atlanta. Both states have far more to do, see, taste, and hear than you could possibly complete in a weekend, but here is a quick list to get you started.

Attractions Throughout Michigan

While Detroit has been the churning core of Michigan’s industrial economy, it also played a central role in the production of iconic Motown music. From lovely parks and conservatories to museums that chronicle several movements integral to American history, greater Detroit is host to so many attractions, you could easily spend your entire weekend within the confines of the city.

After the many tributes to the automobile inspire you to drive out of Motor City, there’s plenty to do further inland through Ann Arbor and Lansing. There’s so much to do here, they have their own bucket list called the LAN150; kick off your stay by enjoying the beauty of the fully restored State Capitol Building or stretch your legs on the lovely Lansing River Trail.

If outdoor adventure is more your style, focus on Western and Northern Michigan, from Grand Rapids to the regions beyond Mackinac Island, Northern Michigan boasts hundreds of miles of scenic waterfront along Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and Lake Superior as well as thousands of acres of state and national parks. Michigan has a rich Native American history, still home to many federally-recognized tribes and sacred lands.

Attractions Throughout Georgia

The land that became Georgia also has a profuse Native American history as well, but as one of the original 13 states in the Union, Georgia is also rife with historical sites and well-preserved architecture. Top it off with breathtaking mountain views from the Appalachian range that wends its way through the northwestern counties, and you could easily spend not just one but one hundred weekends exploring all that Georgia has to offer.

North of Atlanta are the mountain attractions, which are especially popular in the fall; take a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway or drive through one of the many scenic byways in the region. Moving south of Atlanta and into the interior, get ready to explore Henry County, Georgia as you make your way into the heart of wine and peach country.

As you head closer to the coast, make sure Savannah is in your sights; from historical sites and architecture to shopping and charming parks, there’s so much to take in, you may choose to come back several more times. Along the Georgia coastline, you’ll find historic lighthouses, natural windswept beaches, and several charming islands that will steal your heart.

No matter which state you choose to explore, you’ll find so much to see and do that you’ll likely begin planning your next quick trip on the plane ride home.

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