Motivating Each Other in the Relationship

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In order to achieve something more or less serious and worthy in any field of activity: business, career, social activity, you must first of all be interested in it and have internal motivation. One of the founders of the automotive industry, business genius Henry Ford once said, “People more often surrender than they actually crash.” Why do people give up motivating each other in a relationship and capitulate early? Why do they stop improving themselves in order to always stay attractive and intelligent? Is that because they do not see their goals in their partner?

Every day goes the same. From day to day. The same work, the same people and problems. It would seem that salvation will come in the evening; when you return from work, you will rest, but unfortunately, it is not so interesting here either: empty evenings and the grumpy partner that’s always indignant at your actions.

When there is no fire, there is no progress. Today we are going to find out why motivating your partner is so highly important, and why every couple should go through stages of changes and recharging their batteries to stay interested in each other.

Why is it important to motivate your partner?

Many people feel tired and exhausted due to daily stress and fear of losing their jobs. If your partner goes through a difficult period, you have a difficult task too. If you really love a person, you need to do everything possible to motivate him, to show your love and care so that he can understand that dark times come and go, but he is not alone in this. Do you think that all these Instagram bikini models 2018 were born with perfectly shaped booties and abs? No, they have been working hard to achieve their goal, learn to love their bodies and be in the perfect shape for their partner. And what is more, their partners must have been motivating them all the time too.

Of course, when a person deals with hard times and wants to give up everything, you should be prepared to deal with his nervousness because, as a rule, people in this position are rather nervous and react very sharply and emotionally to your attempts to help. But it is vital that you inspire each other to grow bigger and become better.  

How to motivate your partner?

Here are six simple tips on how to make your partner strong again.

  1. Take small steps

Sometimes, the path to the realization of a dream can be long and difficult. It may seem that your goal is unattainable due to the enormous problems and vicissitudes you are going through. If your partner does not know how to deal with such a situation, if he is at a crossroads and cannot choose the right direction, offer him to start from small steps and actions, focusing only on one project or goal. You can share your ideas about the situation and suggest a list of small steps, and people who could help through difficult times.

  1. Remind him of the time when he was successful

Try to recall his strong qualities, the times when everything was fine. Give him proof that his success is simply a matter of time and effort. Remind how beautiful and talented he was before. Such a strategy will help your partner increase self-confidence.

  1. Find reasons

Try to find the cause of the failures and troubles of your partner. If possible, create a cozy atmosphere and find the right moment to talk about it. When you know the cause, it will be easier to focus on emotional support instead of criticizing it.

  1. Be calm and persistent

However, if you are too persistent and put pressure on your partner, it will lead to him to hiding in a shell. It is important that the partner feels your support and that you really want to help. But do not demand too much at once. Be the inspiration for your partner yourself, make him be better for you.

  1. Do not praise too much

In this case, you risk achieving the opposite effect. Just remind about the successes, his positive qualities that would help solve this situation. But do not praise him too often and too much: make him feel that only actions lead to a reward and visible result, so you respect him and his success and take it seriously.

  1. Award every experience

It is very difficult to start something new and unknown, especially when a person is depressed and desperate. When your partner achieves big success, do not forget to praise him. When he sees how much you like his progress, there is another incentive to work more diligently. Cook a delicious dinner, have a romantic night, or visit his favorite bar. He needs to feel that he deserves a prize after all the hardships.

Mutual motivation is extremely important. There is no other person that can inspire you to take the initiative and bring about the change more than your partner. So, praise each other, help your loved one, and get better together.

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